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Apple watch repair and repair service

Fixnow is your go-to service for all Apple Watch repair needs. Whether you're dealing with a broken screen, a malfunctioning battery, or other problems, our team of experts is ready to repair your Apple Watch quickly and expertly. Have you accidentally dropped your watch and the glass is broken, or is your screen showing black spots or no longer responding to touch? Fixnow Meise can solve all this for you with its Apple Watch repair service. Why engage Fixnow? We offer a fast, reliable and cost-effective Apple Watch repair service, getting your smartwatch working like new again.

You pay no shipping* or return costs with us

At FixNow, it is important to us that you are always satisfied with your repair. That's why with us you pay no shipping* and return costs on your order.

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Apple watch screen replacement

At Fixnow, we offer a unique Apple Watch screen replacement service. We specialise in Apple Watch Screen repair by replacing only the glass, which is more cost-effective than replacing the whole screen. This advanced technique saves you money and makes your watch look like new again.

Fixnow offers an outstanding repair service for Apple watches with a damaged screen. Whether your watch is scratched or the glass is broken due to a fall, our experts are ready to repair your Apple Watch within one hour. Our technique is not limited to the smartwatch; we also repair other Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad.

Unique to our service is the specialised method where we usually do not need to replace the entire screen. Instead, we focus on replacing only the glass, which suffices in most cases. This approach makes the Apple watch repair process significantly cheaper, up to 50% less than full screen replacements.

Apple watch screen repair: how does it work?

Our process involves carefully separating and restoring the different layers of the Apple Watch screen: the glass, the touchscreen layer and the display itself. After these layers are carefully repaired, they are reassembled in their original state. This makes your watch look like new again, backed by a 12-month warranty on the Apple Watch repair. This advanced technique, not often offered by other repair services, makes Fixnow a top choice for your Apple Watch screen repairs.

Apple watch battery replacement

A properly functioning battery is important for the optimal functioning of your smartwatch At Fixnow, we offer a fast and effective service for Apple Watch battery replacement. Worn or defective batteries can lead to problems such as a rapidly draining battery, unexpected shutdown of the watch, or problems with charging. These problems can significantly limit your daily use of the watch. 

Our service includes the use of high-quality replacement batteries that improve the life and performance of your watch. With Fixnow, your smartwatch will be repaired quickly and efficiently so you can enjoy reliable and long-lasting battery performance. Does your Apple Watch have battery problems and want it fixed quickly? Then choose Fixnow's fast and efficient Apple Watch battery replacement service. Our repairs are usually completed within one hour. Easily make an appointment online and get your smartwatch back to its optimal performance with our professional service.

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Apple watch back cover replacement

The Apple watch back cover replacement is mainly an aesthetic procedure, but an important one. A damaged or scratched back can detract from the overall look of your watch. Also, a damaged back can cause irritation on your wrist when worn. At Fixnow, we offer a service to replace the back glass of your smartwatch, restoring its original beauty and style. 

This service is not just limited to cosmetic repairs; we are also ready for other Apple Watch repairs. By contacting us, you will get an insight into your options and we will make sure there are no surprises. Choose Fixnow for Apple Watch back cover replacement and enjoy a watch that looks like new again.

Apple watch repair performed by Fixnow

For all your Apple Watch repair needs, Fixnow is the ideal choice. This is because we offer expert repairs for various problems, from simple screen repairs to more complex challenges. Our expert team uses advanced techniques for an efficient and effective repair. 

Moreover, Fixnow offers a unique Apple Watch screen scratch removal service, using a special polishing machine. This technique restores the glass of your Apple Watch without dismantling the watch, preserving the original seal and Apple warranty. With Fixnow Meise, you can rely on fast and cost-effective repairs for your Apple Watch, often completed within 20 or 40min, with high customer satisfaction and warranty retention.

Why choose Fixnow?

  • Free diagnosis: We offer a free and thorough diagnosis prior to any repair.
  • Warranty: Benefit from 3 to 12 months warranty on replacement parts.
  • Experience: With 5 years of experience, we are your reliable partner for Apple Watch repairs.
  • Quick service: We aim to carry out repairs quickly, often within 30 min.
  • Genuine parts: We use only genuine parts to ensure the quality of your Apple device.

FAQ Apple watch repair service

No, the glass is not replaced. Fixnow uses an advanced technique to treat each layer of the screen, remove scratches and repair the glass, while keeping the touchscreen intact.

Yes, Fixnow also repairs Apple watch touchscreen as part of our repair service.

Yes, Fixnow offers a 12-month warranty on the screen glass Apple Watch repair. This guarantee is specific to the repair carried out.

No, there is no guarantee against water damage after repair. Water resistance may be partially reduced after screen replacement or repair. Fixnow uses waterproof adhesive, but cannot guarantee full water resistance.

Fixnow aims to perform Apple Watch screen repairs quickly, often within. 30min, depending on the nature of the damage.

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