Apple Watch 5 Repair at Fixnow

Apple Watch 5 screen repair? FixNow is the right choice

As experienced professionals, we know better than anyone how annoying a cracked Apple Watch 5 screen is. That's why you can repair your Apple Watch screen at FixNow. Common problems with the Apple Watch series 5 are:  

  • Broken screen with cracks or scratches.  
  • White or green stripes are visible on the Apple screen. 
  • Stains of discolouration show on the screen.
  • Touchscreen no longer works. 
  • Software problems 

At FixNow, you have come to the right place for repairing your Apple Watch 5 screen. By using high-quality equipment and the best quality parts, we can assure you that your Apple Watch 5 will work as before. Are you curious how we repair the screen of your Apple Watch 5 or other model? Then watch our video where we show the repair process step by step.  

Price Apple Watch 5 Repair

  • Screen Glass Replacement
    Screen Glass Replacement 100€

    Screen still works fine single screen glass is cracked. In this case, we can replace single screen glass.

  • Screen Polishing
    Screen Polishing 60€

    We offer unique service in Belgium where we can remove scratches on the screen without taking the device apart.

  • Complete Screen Replacement
    Complete Screen Replacement 220€

    Screen no longer turns on, there are black spots or lines on the screen. In this case, we are going to have to replace full screen.

  • Software problem
    Software problem 50€

    Apple Watch gets stuck on apple logo, red exclamation mark, no connection to iPhone this problems we can fix for you.

  • Repair of digital heart rate sensor
    Repair of digital heart rate sensor 130€

    Back glass of your Apple Watch is cracked? No problem we can also replace this.

  • New battery
    New battery 80€

    If the battery has become so bad that it needs replacement, it's time to contact FixNow.

  • Restore Digital Crow / Power Button
    Restore Digital Crow / Power Button 80€

Unique service in Belgium and the Netherlands

Screen glass replacement

At Fixnow, we have the expertise and equipment to replace your Apple Watch 5's cracked screen glass, even if the display is still working. This difficult repair requires special equipment that cannot be found in every repair shop.

Complete display replacement

If your Apple Watch 5's display is black or has colour problems, we can replace the entire display. Although this service is more expensive, we guarantee a quick repair, provided the screen is in stock.

Apple Watch 5 screen repair

Booking an appointment

To make an appointment for an Apple Watch 5 repair, please visit our website at Appointment. Here, you can easily select a time and date that best suits your schedule.

Repair while you wait

At Fixnow, we offer a unique service where we repair your Apple Watch 5 while you wait. This saves you time and gets you back to using your watch as soon as possible.

Shipping for repair

If you don't live nearby or don't have time to come by, you can send your Apple Watch 5 to us for repair. Request a shipping label at Free Shipping and follow the instructions to safely ship your device to us. The repair process usually takes 3-5 days.

Selling Apple Watch to Fixnow

If you decide you don't want to have your Apple Watch 5 repaired, we also offer the option of selling your watch to us. For more information, please visit Apple Watch Selling.

How it works

To sell your Apple Watch 5 to us, simply visit the link above and fill in the sales form with the required information. We will then give you a quote based on the condition of your device.

Benefits of selling your Apple Watch

Selling your Apple Watch 5 to Fixnow can save you time and money. Instead of paying for repairs that may not be cost-effective, you can choose to sell your device to us and use the proceeds to purchase a new watch.

Why choose Fixnow?

Experienced and knowledgeable technicians

Our technicians at Fixnow are highly experienced and skilled in carrying out Apple Watch 5 repairs. You can rest assured that your device is in good hands with our team of experts.

Fast and reliable service

At Fixnow, we understand how important it is to have your Apple Watch 5 repaired and back in your possession as soon as possible. Therefore, we strive to offer fast and reliable repair services, whether you opt for repair while you wait or send your device to us.

scratch phone removal

Scratch Removal

Do you have a scratch on your mobile phone? Get scratch phone removal done by FixNow's experienced specialist.


If you choose to repair while you wait, the repair can usually be completed within a few hours. If you choose to send your device to us, the repair process generally takes 3-5 days.

To sell your Apple Watch 5 to us, visit Apple Watch Selling and fill in the sales form with the required information. We will then give you a quote based on the condition of your unit.

No, there is no guarantee against water damage after the repair. After a screen replacement or screen repair, water resistance may be partially voided. Apple's warranty also specifically states, despite the watch being waterproof, it is not covered for any water damage. We subscribe to this as well. During repair, we always use waterproof adhesive when attaching the watch screen, but we cannot guarantee water resistance of the watch after repair. 

If your Apple Watch gets stuck on the Apple logo, red exclamation mark or no connection to iPhone, FixNow can fix these problems for $50.

Yes, FixNow can also replace your Apple Watch's battery. 

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