Apple Watch screen repair

B2B Apple Watch screen repair for business customers

For our business customers, we offer our B2B Apple Watch screen repair service. At FixNow, we understand better than anyone how important it is for an organisation to keep employees accessible. In addition, we know how cumbersome and expensive the Apple Watch repair process is through the provider or manufacturer.  

FixNow offers business services that ensure the best solution for a damaged Apple screen as quickly as possible. You can come to us for Apple screen repair, touch screen repair and screen Apple Watch replacement.  

In most cases, it is not necessary to replace the entire glass and our Apple Watch screen repair will suffice.  

Our speciality is therefore to repair a B2B Apple Watch screen, without replacing the display. This is cheaper and the watch looks like new again. We do not replace the entire module, but repair the Apple screen. As a business, you save a huge amount of money thanks to our unique repair service for business customers, Apple B2B. 

Expert Apple screen repair for businesses

We offer an expert Apple screen repair service for B2B customers. There is no need to replace a screen Apple Watch when you choose FixNow. This is because we carry out a repair Apple Watch screen restore using a special high tech process, where we restore the screen like new.   

At FixNow, we replace the broken glass and remove scratches while preserving the original screen. How do we proceed? An Apple Watch screen consists of three layers:  


Glass low

For glass, is the top layer and the part you touch when interacting with the watch.


Digitiser or touchscreen

The digitiser is the next layer and is replaced by the front glass, this is usually made of a thin, transparent plastic. This part is responsible for the touch function. The digitiser is connected to the next layer via a flex cable.


LCD or display

The liquid crystal display (LCD) is like an ultra-thin, small computer monitor and is responsible for displaying images, video, etc. It is the most expensive part of the screen and is very vulnerable if not attached to the digitiser and glass.

How does our Apple Watch repair service B2B work?

  • Fill in the form below
  • We will check your details and get back to you.
  • You will receive custom price list via e-mail.

What is covered by our Apple Watch B2B service?

Our Apple B2B service includes the following: 

  • Your own account manager, so one point of contact 
  • Invoice-based payments 
  • Repairs completed within 24-48 hours 
  • Extended warranty conditions 
  • Own technical service 
  • Sharp prices for Apple Watch screen repair 
  • 12-month warranty on Apple repair screen 

Do you have any questions or want to know more about our B2B service for Apple Watch screen repair? Then be sure to contact us. We will be happy to explain our methods and give you a competitive quote.  

Video Apple Watch screen repair

In the video below, we show how we perform an Apple Watch screen repair. So this does not involve replacing the screen, but only screen glass that is cracked.

FAQ Apple business

No, we have special polishing machine where we can remove all scratches. If glass is cracked then we have to replace glass anyway.

Yes, you get a 12-month warranty on the screen glass repair of the watch. This guarantee applies only to the repair itself. We do not guarantee water damage.

No, there is no guarantee against water damage after the repair. After a screen replacement or screen repair, water resistance may be partially voided. Apple's warranty also specifically states, despite the watch being waterproof, it is not covered for any water damage. We subscribe to this as well. During repair, we always use waterproof adhesive when attaching the watch screen, but we cannot guarantee water resistance of the watch after repair. 

As soon as we receive the watch, we start working on it the same day. 40min  

Yes we also repair touch screen functions.  

FixNow repairs all Apple Watch series screens. You can go to them for an Apple Watch series 4 screen repair, for example, but also for a screen Apple Watch 3.

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