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On our Blog page, you will find various videos and interesting facts about Apple and Samsung devices. For example, how we made a iPhone screen repair repair. Or make a broken glass of an Apple Watch as good as new again. The back of an iPad or other device may also be cracked. We carry out screen repairs for both Android and Apple devices. Check out our interesting videos and information blogs.

Solutions to the Apple Watch alarm clock problem

Main page Solutions to Apple Watch alarm clock problem It's annoying when the alarm clock on your Apple Watch doesn't go off even though you have set it. Fortunately, there are a number of possible solutions to this problem. Below, we discuss these solutions one by one. Check which days the alarm clock is set to It could be that

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5 iOS 14 improvements worth updating

Compact interface for incoming calls In iOS 13 and earlier, the notification for incoming calls was displayed in full-screen mode. When someone called the user, it was impossible to switch to the open app or the home screen. In iOS 14, an incoming call notification is displayed on a compact panel with two buttons. With this

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Screen repair services

Fixnow your trusted repairer for screen repair services. We always offer the best possible solution for a damaged Apple screen or Android device. You can then come to us for Samsung and Apple screen repair, touch screen repair and screen Apple Watch and Samsung Watch replaced.

In most cases, there is no need to replace the entire glass and our screen repair will suffice. This will save you around 40% in costs. We use a high-quality technique with which we perform the screen repair on your Apple or Android device.

Our speciality is therefore a screen repair for mobile devices, without replacing the glass. This is cheaper and your smartphone, tablet or smart watch will look like new again. 

You will save enormously on costs thanks to our unique repair service for both business customers and consumers. Contact us for more information. You can do this easily via the chat function at the bottom of this page. You can make an appointment or even use the free postal service.

Apple screen repair

Do you have any questions or would like to receive more information about an Apple screen repair? Then please feel free to contact us. Before we carry out a screen repair, we always make a diagnosis, which is free by the way. We determine what the problem with the Android or Apple screen is. We then discuss this with you.

We will give you a quote for the repair to your iPad, iPhone or Apple Watch. This also applies to Samsung devices, such as a broken screen on your Samsung tablet. Glass replacement, touch screen repair, broken screen repair or battery replacement are all services we offer as Fixnow experts.

Also find more information in one of our blog or videos. Would you like a topic highlighted in a blog? Then please contact on, we will gladly write a blog on the subject or make an interesting video how we repair a mobile phone, for example. Ideas from customers are of course always welcome. 

With us, service is therefore highly regarded, which is why we carry out high quality Apple screen repair.

Have a screen made?

Is your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or smartwatch screen broken? Having your screen fixed by Fixnow will save you money immediately, as you will save around 40 to 50% on the cost. This is because we only replace the broken glass and not the entire display module of your smart device.

Moreover, in many cases it is possible to repair only the glass instead of replacing glass. This has the advantage that you can use the original Apple screen or Samsung screen retains. With the accompanying guarantee, which is nice. And by only repairing the glass, the repair is also many times cheaper. 

By getting screen fixed, you save on screen repair costs. Besides always using the best parts for your Android or Apple device, you can also count on a free diagnosis, 3 to 12 months warranty on replacement parts and retention of your original screen. We have over 3 years of experience and can call ourselves experts in screen repair. Want to know more about screen repair? Feel free to contact us.

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