Glass replacement on Apple Watch Series 4: removing the "cobwebs" from "smart" watches

Note: replacing a watch glass is a delicate job that you cannot do at home. Therefore, it is important to contact the profissinal repair centre.

In FixNow, we do glass replacement in the following way:

  • First, the glass is heated on a separator at a temperature of 75-80 degrees;
  • we separate the display from the housing;
  • Disconnect the battery connector and disconnect each of the 3 power cables.

apple watch 4 inside

First, remove the copper tape. Then carefully remove the screen cable with a spatula.

The hardest part is separating the glass from the display module. This requires a string, a cage and an experienced engineer. It is important at this point not to cut off the polarising layer of the screen matrix.

Carefully remove the remaining glue so as not to damage the matrix. After separating the glass, we check the display performance.

apple watch 4 display

Glass adhesives from Apple Watch Series 4

It consists of applying OCA film to new glass and bonding it to the matrix using the factory method: vacuum lamination.

apple watch 4 repair

Replacing glass on an Apple Watch Series 4 is a delicate matter, which is why you can only entrust it to the capable hands of a master.

We guarantee our repairs from 2 to 6 months, and the price list is here waiting for you wait🙂

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