5 iOS 14 improvements worth updating

iOS 14 is the latest version of iPhone firmware released by Apple in mid-September. The operating system has become faster, more secure and also gained a number of new features. FixNow talks about five iOS 14 improvements worth updating.

Compact interface for incoming calls

In iOS 13 and earlier, the notification for incoming calls was displayed in full-screen mode. When someone called the user, it was impossible to switch to the open app or the home screen. In iOS 14, an incoming call notification is displayed on a compact panel with two buttons. This allows you to take and reject a call without interrupting work, chatting on social networks or watching a video.

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Widgets on the home screen

Widgets give you quick access to the applications you want. Earlier, they were displayed by swiping right from the home screen, but this changed in iOS 14. Users were allowed to place frequently used widgets between application icons. For each widget, you can choose a convenient size and customise other options.

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App library

A great feature for people with dozens or hundreds of programmes and games. It sorts all apps by the iPhone into categories and displays them alphabetically. You can find the programme you need by swiping left from the main screen. There is also a search bar - in case there are many applications on your device.

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With iOS 14, Apple introduces bicycle navigation. Although Belgium seems a prime country for us to try the feature on, Apple thinks otherwise: bike navigation is not immediately available here. Also new is navigation for electric cars: Maps helps you plan a route with suitable charging stations along the way.

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