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General Provisions

1. Repairs are based on the complaints/defects described on the repair form by the customer.


2. The price of the repair shall be determined exclusively on the basis of the prices mentioned on our websites, composed of the parts used, the installation costs regardless of the number of parts replaced per appliance. These prices may be increased by the shipping costs if the customer opts for a deviation from article 8. Price for shipping is free if repair cost is higher than 100€, if lower than 100€ an additional 15€ will be charged for shipping and return.

Quote by e-mail

3. The quotation by e-mail shall in any case state the repair amount and the shipping costs.


4. If examination shows that the price of the repair will be higher than the amount stated on the repair form or website, the customer will be asked whether he wants the product to be repaired at that higher price. In that case, the repair will take place only after the customer's consent. If the repair form/website does not state an estimate amount and the price can only be determined after examination, then the
asked the customer whether he wants the product repaired for that price. In that case, too, the repair will take place only after the customer's consent.
5. However, the customer may waive further service by FIXNOW and shall then pay only the cutlery and shipping costs
for any returns.

6. Unless otherwise agreed, the repair shall use new parts or, where this is customary with regard to such a part, exchange parts. Upon prior request by the customer, FIXNOW shall make the replaced parts, with the exception of the exchanged parts, available to the customer.
7. After repair, the customer will receive a message by e-mail with a short description of the work carried out as well as the details for payment of the repair.


8. FIXNOW shall be liable for loss and theft of the product, its accessories, as well as for damage caused to them from the time of receipt until the time of return. Return shipments will always be sent with insurance unless the client has indicated otherwise and confirmed this by e-mail to FIXNOW .
Transport damage must always be reported within 24 hours of receipt and the damage must be proven by means of photos so that we can pass it on to the transport company as soon as possible.
- Compensation in case of a shipment is up to €500.
- Damages in case of registered insured shipping are €250 to €7500 (depending on
- Only material damage will be compensated in the form of an identical or equivalent device.


9. FIXNOW offers secure shipping as standard, this insurance is issued by bpost (or other) and will be handled by FIXNOW with bpost (or other) in the event of any loss or damage. FIXNOW will refund you the damage amount immediately after bpost (or other) has settled and granted the claim.


10. FIXNOW provides a six-month warranty on this repair after its completion. This guarantee period shall commence on the
moment of shipment of the product to the customer. Cleaning and maintenance services as well as repairs to products with lightning, water, sand, fall or moisture damage shall be warranted only on the parts replaced, unless the repair invoice expressly states otherwise. Furthermore, the guarantee will be invalidated if the device is opened by the customer or a third party after repair by FIXNOW. In case of external damage, e.g. falling or moisture damage, the warranty will automatically expire.
11. If, within six months after shipment of the repaired product, the complaints mentioned in article 1 return and their cause is clearly related to the previous repair, FIXNOW will try to solve the defect under warranty.
a. For the same cause of complaint, only those parts not replaced in the previous repair will be charged.
b. If it turns out that the cause of the complaint is a different one from that of the previous repair, the cost of the new repair as referred to in article 2 will be communicated to the customer, after which the customer will either agree or not agree to further handling of the repair.
c. After renewed repair, the warranty period starts again.
d. A recurring complaint is not necessarily the same technical defect

Moisture damage investigation 

12. In the event of moisture damage, we will charge you if you do not have the appliance repaired or if the appliance cannot be repaired because the costs are too high compared to the new value of the appliance. The examination costs are waived if you have the appliance repaired or removed by us. It is also possible that, after the examination, function may improve or be reduced due to corrosion of components. FIXNOW cannot be held liable for this as it is the result of the damage incurred in combination with the attempt to repair the appliance. 

Non-paid products/services 

13. If after three consecutive written notices by e-mail from FIXNOW to the customer that the product is ready and the customer has failed to ensure payment for a period of two months, FIXNOW shall be entitled to sell the product and recover the amount due to him from the proceeds. The additional costs incurred to recover the amount due shall be borne by the customer. For appliances where, after investigation, it appears that the appliance can no longer be repaired in an economically viable manner, the customer will be informed of this via an e-mail message. If these costs are not paid within 6 weeks after sending this e-mail, FIXNOW will eventually remove the appliance (in an environmentally friendly way). There will then be no further costs for the customer. 


14. All disputes relating to repairs are governed by Belgian law. Only a Belgian court is competent to rule on these disputes.

 15. All other disputes, in deviation from the legal rules for the competence of the civil court, in case the Court is competent, shall be settled by the Court in the place of business or district of the entrepreneur. However, FIXNOW shall remain entitled to sue the customer before the court competent according to the law or the applicable international treaty . 

16. The customer shall have the right, for a period of five weeks after FIXNOW has invoked the previous article, to choose to have the dispute settled by the civil court competent under the law or the applicable international treaty

Consent to data processing

By ticking this box, you confirm that you agree to FIXNOW collecting and processing your personal data for the purpose of scheduling a repair appointment and further communication about it. Your data will include your name, address and telephone number. We process this data in accordance with our privacy statement and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We will not share your data with third parties unless it is necessary for the performance of the repair service or if required by law. You have the right to withdraw your consent, view, amend or delete your data at any time.

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