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Different generations of iPhones have their own nuances in the structure and layout of elements. But they are united by the adhesive method of connecting glass and display. The only exception are iPhone 3G, 3Gs-generation models. The device allows you to replace the glass without gluing the touchscreen and display. To remove the sensor, just unscrew a couple of screws with a screwdriver and use the suction cup.

Other generations of iPhones use glue to seal the connection and hold the glass and screen firmly in place. The complexity of the repair in this case is due to the need to separate the extremely thin and fragile components from the screen module.

Therefore, most service centres offer a complete replacement of the screen module on the iPhone, in case only the upper part of the screen is damaged. The fact is that separating glass and display is a rather complicated procedure. One wrong move - and the repair cost goes up 2 times or more. Replacing the display module on an iPhone is much simpler and faster. The important thing is to immediately locate the place for the screws, loops and other small elements, so you don't have to look for them later.

To simplify the iPhone screen stratification procedure, there is a special device - a separator or, as it is also called, a glass removal device.

How does separator work? 

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  • Device:
The device itself is a small frame topped by a polished metal mounting plate. There are also guides for the metal string. There is a vacuum pump and an adjustable thermocouple inside the device housing, which heats the module to the specified temperature. Heating is controlled by selecting parameters using a touchscreen at the end of the bed.
  • Operation prenicipe:
 The removed iPhone screen module should be installed on the polished plate. Next, switch on the device to remove the touch glass from the network and set the required heating temperature to melt the adhesive layer. The glass and display are disconnected using a metal cord pulled along the guides. Residual adhesive should be carefully removed with isopropyl alcohol and a plastic scraper.
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When is glass replacement recommended?

Glass replacement on any iPhone model will save you money. But still, there are situations when the iPhone problem can only be solved by replacing the entire display module:

  • if both the display and the sensor are damaged;
  • in case of strong wetting;
  • when the original problem had not been solved by replacing the glass;
  • as a result of independent attempts to dismantle
    broken screen.

Figuring out the possibility of a cheaper repair for your iPhone will help diagnose the extent of damage and the cost of elimination.

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