iPad Air Repair

Model: A1474, A1475, A1476

Price iPad Air Repair

  • Screen Glass Replacement
    Screen Glass Replacement 110€

    Screen still works fine single screen glass is cracked. In this case, we can replace single screen glass.

  • Complete Screen Replacement
    Complete Screen Replacement 120€

    Screen no longer turns on, there are black spots or lines on the screen. In this case, we are going to have to replace full screen.

  • New battery
    New battery 99€

    If the battery has become so bad that it needs replacement, it's time to contact FixNow.

iPad Air Screen Glass Replacement

iPad screen glass replacement

Do you have an iPad Air in your home? Then you are certainly not the only one, as this is an incredibly popular model to choose. However, an accident can unfortunately happen. If you drop your iPad Air, chances are you will need to replace your iPad glass. For a professional iPad glass repair, you have come to the right place. Our new glass will allow you to restore your iPad Air to its former glory. Often, iPad glass replacement will not take that long. If you opt for an iPad screen repair, it will often be done within two hours.  

LCD and Glass Replacement for iPad Air

What many people don't know is that the underlying LCD screen can also break if you drop it. You can see this in black spots on your screen or vertical stripes that appear while using your iPad Air. If you suffer from this, it is possible to have your entire LCD display and iPad glass repaired. In this case, we will work to repair the damage to the best of our ability. Our affordable prices make it accessible for everyone to come by with their iPad Air. This allows you, the customer, to save a lot of money on iPad screen replacement. It goes without saying that we know how to offer high quality service.

ipad screen repair

Battery repair at FixNow

It is also possible that you don't want to have an iPad screen replaced, but instead have problems with the battery of your iPad Air. Also for this problem we will be able to help you properly. This is because we are able to replace your iPad Air battery. This is an ideal choice for those people who, for example, suffer from a battery that blows itself up or is turning off. The new battery will allow you to use your iPad Air properly, without even seeing the damage.

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