iPad Air 4 Repair

Air4 Model: A2072, A2316, A2324, A2325

iPad Air 4 (2020) Screen Glass Replacement

Expert screen glass replacement for your iPad Air4 with 1-year warranty. The iPad Air 4 has great build quality and design, but it is not invincible. Because your device is of little use when it is broken, bring it to Fixnow for an expert glass repair.

Every device has its own lifespan - some devices use higher-quality components than others and can last for years if properly maintained. Drops, water or liquid, even a shock can damage your iPad Air 4.


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Air4 screen repair for glass breakage

Those who have both cracked glass and a broken LCD should opt for our iPad Air4 Glass and LCD screen repair. This service is for broken glass only. For broken glass, only the glass will be replaced where you will keep the original Apple screen. 

With Screen Glass repair for iPad Air 4, Fixnow is here to help. With this service, we inspect the problem, as well as all other components involved. If there are other problems with your Air 4, we will let you know and only proceed with those repairs after your approval. 

LCD and Glass Replacement for iPad Air 4 2020

We do not recommend trying Glass and LCD Repair yourself on your iPad Air 4 2020. Devices have become increasingly sophisticated and you can do more damage. Bring your iPad Air 4 2020 to Fixnow so that our skilled repair technicians can inspect your device. If also can detect any problems and repair it in a professional manner.

Those who have only cracked glass, no broken LCD, opt for our iPad Air 4 Screen Glass Replacement. This service is for both cracked glass and a broken LCD screen. 

Battery replacement iPad 4 Air

An Apple battery does not have a lifetime. For battery replacement of your iPad 4 Air, you can of course also come to Fixnow. If you use your iPad 4 Air intensively, the battery will wear out faster. You notice this when you have to charge the tablet several times a day. Or when the iPad Air 4 often shuts down when the battery level drops below 50%.

These are signs on the wall. Namely, it is time to replace you iPad battery for a new one. We offer a fast and reliable battery replacement service at a low price. Fast service means that an iPad repair will not take longer than 1 or 2 hours. Depending on the type of repair. For battery replacement iPad 4 Air is fixed within the hour. For a reliable and skilled iPad repair, just contact Fixnow. We fix all Apple repairs professionally, fast and with warranty.

Fixnow repairs broken screen

Annoying if your tablet has a broken screen. It does not read well anymore, your eyes get tired faster and dust and moisture can get into your device. The latter is of course not good for the life of your iPad Air 4. This also applies to an iPhone or Apple Watch. If you have a broken screen on your Apple device, contact Fixnow.

We perform a quick Apple repair in a highly skilled manner. This not only extends the lifespan of your Apple product, but also saves you money on repairs. This is because we do not immediately replace the entire module in case of a broken screen, but carry out a screen repair. As a result, you will be about 40% cheaper. Make an appointment at Fixnow today for your Air4.

Don't live nearby? Then simply use our postal service send service. You will have your Apple tablet back in your home within two to three working days.

What can you expect from Fixnow?

  • Free diagnosis
  • 3 to 12 months warranty on replacement parts
  • 3 years' experience
  • iPad Mini 2021 screen repair fixed within 1 to 2 hours
  • Retain original Apple screen during glass repair
ipad-air-10.9 Air4

Find out more about us and our Apple repair service by reading the videos and blogs on our blog page. You can also come to us for iPhone screen repair. If you have any questions or would like more information on Fixnow? Just contact us for that. Simply via chat or telephone.  

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