iPad 9 10.2" (2021) Repair

Model: A2603, A2604

Price iPad 9 Repair

iPad 2021 Screen Glass Replacement

It is possible that only your glass is broken. However, it is also possible that your iPad 2021 won't turn on at all. In this case, the underlying display has also been broken by the fall. If this is the case, do not worry. Because we are ready to replace your broken iPad 2021 screen. You can tell if your LCD screen needs replacement if you see black spots or vertical stripes on the screen. If you cannot quite figure it out yourself, it is always possible to take your iPad 2021 with you. We will then see what we can do for you. 

iPad 9 repair

LCD and Glass Replacement iPad 9

ipad screen repair

Battery replacement

Besides an iPad screen repair, it is also possible to replace a battery for the iPad 2021. This can be useful for those who are experiencing problems with this. For example, you may be dealing with a swollen battery. This means that, unfortunately, the battery can no longer be used and needs to be replaced. For this type of iPad repair, it is always possible to contact us. By choosing our iPad screen repair today, you can be sure that your iPad 2021 will also be fixed in no time!

iPad 9 2021 screen repair

Need iPad screen repair for your tablet version 9-2021? Then you can use our expert Apple repair Belgium service. This is because Fixnow specialises in Apple screen repairs. From iPad screen repair to iPhone screen replacement. The Apple iPad 9-2021 model is the perfect tablet for work, fun and entertainment.

It is a versatile Apple iPad 2021 with unprecedented features and maximum ease of use. You watch your favourite series at home or on the go thanks to its long battery life. Easy to take anywhere thanks to its lightweight of just 490g. But what if your screen is broken? What can you do then?

Get your iPad 9 2021 screen repaired at the expert of Fixnow. We love Apple products, unless they work properly. A broken screen is not only annoying with reading, watching and typing. But is also bad for the life of your tablet. Moisture, dirt and dust can creep through the broken glass which then causes more damage inside. Therefore, always have a broken screen repaired at Fixnow. Want to know more about iPad screen repair? Chat with us.

iPad screen repair

For an iPad screen repair, we will first make a free diagnosis for you, which will find out what is wrong with the broken screen. If only the glass is broken, we can replace it. We can repair the glass using our high-quality technique, which allows you to keep the original Apple screen.

In glass replacement screen repair, we dissect the screen. It consists of three layers, including the glass. We remove the broken glass layer, and replace it with new glass. Then we glue the three parts together with special glue. This is exactly the same way they do it in the Apple factory. You then also keep the warranty.

If the screen is broken, causing the touchscreen to stop working, for example, we move on to module replacement. iPad screen replacement also applies when there are black spots or streaks on the screen. For both iPad screen repartition options, you can turn to Fixnow. Make an appointment for a free diagnosis. Stop by or use our post send service (insured by Bpost). For both Dutch and Belgian customers.

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