iPad Pro 11" (2022) Restore

Model: A2759, A2761, A2435, A2762

iPad Pro 11-inch 2022 Screen Repair

With over a decade of experience repairing Apple devices, FixNow is the expert for your iPad Pro 11-inch 2022 repair. Whether it's a cracked screen, poor battery life or other hardware issues - we have the solution. Moreover, we offer a one-year warranty on both the materials used and the work carried out. So you can return your beloved iPad Pro 11″ to us with peace of mind. 

One of the most common problems with tablets is screen damage. The latest iPad Pro is thin, light and powerful, but also fragile. Sometimes the touchscreen even stops working altogether due to black spots or faulty pixels. In that case, there are two repair options:

iPad Pro 11" (2022) Restore

Screen glass replacement

Does the screen and touch function itself still work fine, but only the glass panel is cracked or scratched? Then it is often sufficient to replace only the outer screen glass. This is a complex but inexpensive solution.

Our process:

  • Carefully dismantle screen without causing further damage
  • Remove old glass and clean surface
  • Installing new original Apple glass and precise alignment
  • Screening, calibration and comprehensive testing

Within a few hours, your iPad will be like new, without further expensive replacements.

Full Screen Replacement

Does the touchscreen no longer respond at all, or are there annoying ink spots, circle lines or defective pixels in the screen? Then a full screen replacement is the only solution.

The entire screen assembly (glass, LCD and digitiser) must then be replaced. This is a more extensive and expensive procedure, but with our years of experience, our technicians manage it flawlessly.

For screens, we naturally use only genuine Apple parts. This way, full functionality and accurate colours are fully restored.

iPad Pro Battery Replacement

One of the most critical components of any iPad is the battery. Over time, it will age, resulting in shorter battery life. Sometimes you may even notice the battery starting to swell, with possible damage to the device. Fortunately, the professionals at FixNow can help here too.

Signals that a battery replacement is needed:iPad Pro 11" (2022) Restore

  • Tablet lasts only a few hours on a full battery charge
  • Must remain constantly on charger after short usage time
  • Battery icon indicates cycle count is almost reached
  • iPad heats up quickly during use or charging
  • Battery feels swollen and bulged on the outside

As long as the battery still has some capacity, you can continue to use the iPad. But don't wait too long to replace it, as this can seriously affect the condition of the battery as well as your device.

Make at any time an appointment and our service will help you! You can also use your IPad by post Send with a guaranteed value.

Why Fixnow?

There are several good reasons to choose FixNow specifically:

  • Qualified and certified technicians: All our repair technicians are thoroughly trained and experienced in professionally repairing all Apple products. They also attend annual refresher courses to stay up-to-date with the latest techniques.
  • Fast and reliable service: Most repairs are ready within 1-2 hours. You get a fixed price and time guarantee. So you know exactly where you stand.
  • Genuine parts and 1-year warranty: For the best quality, compatibility and safety, we use only genuine Apple parts. After repair, we also provide a one-year warranty on labour and materials.
  • All-in prices and free diagnosis: Our prices are transparent and all-in, i.e. with no hidden additional costs. The first diagnosis on entry is also free.


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