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Do you have an iPad Pro 11 inch with a broken or damaged screen? Don't worry, because Fixnow is here to help you! In this article, we will discuss the unique service Fixnow offers to replace the screen of your iPad Pro 11 inch and how to book an appointment.

The unique service of Fixnow

Fixnow sets itself apart from other repair shops by specialising in replacing the glass of your iPad Pro 11-inch screen, without having to replace the entire screen if it is still functioning. This saves you time and money and provides a more durable solution.

When a screen replacement is needed

Broken glass

If the glass of your iPad Pro 11-inch is cracked or broken, but the screen still works, then replacing just the glass is sufficient. Fixnow can do this for you without having to replace the whole screen, which is cost-saving.

Damaged screen

If the screen of your iPad Pro 11-inch is damaged and no longer functions, it is necessary to replace the entire screen. Fixnow can also solve this problem for you with their expert service.

iPad Pro screen replacement

The replacement process

Replacing glass

When only the glass of your iPad Pro 11-inch screen needs to be replaced, Fixnow's experienced technician will carefully remove the broken glass and replace it with a new, high-quality glass. This will preserve the functionality of the screen and you won't have to worry about further damage.

Full screen replacement

If the entire screen of your iPad Pro 11-inch needs to be replaced, Fixnow will ensure that the damaged screen is replaced with a new and original one. This guarantees the best performance and longevity of your iPad.

Battery replacement

Besides replacing screens, we can also replace your iPad Pro's battery if it is no longer working properly. A new battery will restore your device to the same performance as when you first used it.

Why choose Fixnow?

Fixnow offers unique screen replacement services for your iPad Pro 11-inch. We specialise in replacing the broken glass of your screen, even if the screen is fully functional. In addition, we can also replace the entire screen if it is damaged.

Our expert technicians have years of experience in repairing Apple products, including the iPad Pro 11-inch. They have the knowledge and skills to repair your device quickly and efficiently.

At Fixnow, customer satisfaction is paramount. We strive to provide the best service and work hard to ensure that every customer is satisfied with our services.


Yes, we can also replace the battery of your iPad Pro.

You can make an appointment by visiting our website at APPOINTMENT.

Yes, you can use our free shipping service via the following link SEND 

Yes, all our repairs are covered by a 1-year warranty.

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