iPad Pro 9.7 inch Repair

Model: A1673, A1674, A1675

Price iPad 9.7 Repair

iPad Pro 9 7 inch Screen Glass Replacement

iPad screen glass replacement

Apple, of course, is known for knowing how to make incredibly good tablets. Now it is just that the iPad's glass is quite fragile. This is no different for the iPad Pro 9 7 inch. You are probably experiencing problems with this yourself, because you didn't just stumble upon the site. For a professional iPad glass repair, you can be sure that you have come to the right place. If your glass is cracked, you can always drop by. This iPad glass repair will take two hours in most cases. Thanks to us, you do not have to fit a whole new LCD screen, but you can have the glass replaced single-handedly for your iPad Pro 9 7 inch.

LCD and Glass Replacement for iPad Pro 9.7

ipad screen repair

It's not strange if you have to deal with a broken LCD display in addition to a broken glass. This is a problem we often see with iPad Pro 9.7-inch tablets. For this too, it is possible to come by for an iPad screen replacement. We are able to replace the screen if needed. You need a new LCD screen if you see black spots or streaks appearing on the screen. The cost is significantly lower than other providers. This makes it possible to save a lot of money on an iPad screen repair at Fixnow.

iPad Pro 9 7 battery Replacement

Besides an iPad screen replacement, it is possible to come to us for iPad battery repair or replacement. This is a suitable choice for those suffering from a swollen iPad Pro 9 7 battery, for example. By completely replacing the battery and putting in a new one, you can be sure that your iPad Pro 11" will be up and running again in no time. For more info on iPad battery replacement options, please take a moment directly to contact with us. Our team will always provide you with answers to your questions. 

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