iPhone 11 Pro Max back cover replacement


Replacing the back of an iPhone 11 Pro Max is a common repair. If the glass is cracked or damaged, it is important to have it professionally repaired to prevent further damage to internal components. In this complete guide, we explain how our repair service works, what the repair process involves, what the costs are and answer the most frequently asked questions.


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Our Repair Service for Replacing an iPhone Back Cover

At FixNow, we use specialised laser technology to replace the back of iPhones like the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Advantages of our laser technology

This technique has a number of important advantages:

  • There is no need for a screwdriver to open the iPhone casing. This prevents damage to internal components such as the LCD screen.
  • The old, cracked glass back is precisely removed with the laser. A new backing is then fitted using laser technology as well.
  • It is a very precise process, minimising the risk of damage during the repair.

Our technicians specialise in this laser technique and carry out countless repairs on iPhones every day. So your iPhone 11 Pro Max is in good hands with us.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Rear Side Replacement

Step-by-step plan Replacing Back Cover iPhone 11 Pro Max

If you come to us with a broken iPhone 11 Pro Max back, we first perform a number of preparatory steps. We then proceed to laser technology to remove the old, cracked glass and install the new back glass:

iPhone 11 Pro Max Rear Side Replacement

1. Inspection & Diagnosis

First, we take a thorough look at your iPhone to identify the exact damage:

  • Is only the glass cracked or are there loose shards?
  • Are there any dents in the aluminium housing?
  • Is the screen/touchscreen still functioning properly?
  • Are there other problems like with the camera, buttons, battery etc?


Based on the diagnosis, we estimate the required repair time and cost. We discuss this with you so there are no surprises.

2. Backup & Delete Personal Data

Before we start the iPhone repair, it is important to:

  • Make a full backup of all important data on the phone. You do this via iCloud or iTunes.
  • Delete any personal data from the device, such as photos and documents. This is to protect your privacy.

This way, we prevent unintentional data loss and you can simply restore your last backup after the repair.

3. Opening the iPhone

Now it is time to open the case of the iPhone 11 Pro Max and expose the inside. For this, we use special tools to unscrew the clips on the bottom, without causing any damage.

Then, you carefully detach the back with a suction cup and click it open like a shell. You now have access to all internal components such as the battery and motherboard.

4. Removing Old Rear Glass with Laser Technique

Using high-tech laser equipment, we now mill millimetre by millimetre the cracked glass loose from the housing. The high-precision laser beams onto the glass and melts away the glue, without damaging the surrounding components.

Thus, layer by layer, the entire glass is removed until only the empty casing remains. A precision job that requires enormous concentration!

5. Preparing New Rear Glass

We remove the new original Apple rear glass for the iPhone 11 Pro Max from its packaging. We carefully check that it fits perfectly into the case and that there are no damages or manufacturing defects.

We also make sure we have chosen the right colour based on your preference.

6. Placing New Rear with Laser

We then position the new iPhone back glass precisely in the empty case and glue it firmly in place with our laser equipment. Again, this is done layer by layer millimetre by millimetre, so that no air or dust can get in.

This way, the new glass adheres perfectly and nothing can come loose. Your iPhone 11 Pro Max is like new again!

7. Testing & Finalising Repair

To conclude, we extensively test the functionality of your repaired iPhone:

  • Do all the buttons and volume controls work?
  • Does the screen respond well to touches everywhere?
  • Are the speaker and microphone still functioning properly?
  • Is the camera quality still sharp and clear?

We also check the appearance and make sure the new piece of glass is fitted nicely flush with the rest of the housing.

Are you 100% happy with the end result? Then we'll help you restore the backup and personalise your iPhone with your apps and settings again.

After reading this detailed information on how to replace an iPhone 11 Pro Max rear glass, do you have any other questions? Then contact us using the details below!

Website:  www.fixnow.be
E-mail:  info@fixnow.be Phone:  +32 472 29 15 53

iPhone 11 Pro Max Rear Side Replacement
 Paola Andrea Gaviria
Paola Andrea Gaviria
@ PaolaAndreaGaviria
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This is the second time I have taken my mobile phone for glass repair, excellent service at a very affordable price. Through their website you make an appointment very easily, you wait for an hour and your phone is like new. Thank you 🤗
Koen A.
Koen A.
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Back of Iphone 13 Pro was completely cracked. The cracked glass on the back of the phone was professionally removed and replaced while I was waiting. Very happy with the result and cost of this repair.
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Brought my IPhone 14 Pro Max in to FixNow today because the back was cracked. After an hour and half, I got my mobile back like new, the back looks exactly the same as before. The device is repaired by laser and therefore the price is very reasonable.

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