iPhone 12 Pro Max back cover replacement


Have you recently dropped your iPhone 12 Pro Max, causing the rear glass to crack or break? Or have you had a damaged back for some time that you want to have repaired? Then you have come to the right place!

We offer professional and high-quality repair service for replacing broken or cracked iPhone 12 Pro Max rear glass. Our patented laser removal system allows you to remove the rear glass without opening the case, preventing internal damage.


  • Repair time 1:30min
  • Online callender for appointment
  • We have waiting room
  • Parking in front of the door
  • All colours are in stock


Free Shipping
  • Repair time + shipping 2-4 days
  • FREE shipping and returns
  • Shipment insured up to 500€ possible to take extra insurance
  • Shipping from Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers

Benefits of iPhone 12 Pro Max back cover replacement with us

There are several advantages of having the repair done with us:

  • Fast repair time - Usually, we complete the repair within 1.5 hours. So you won't have to be without your iPhone for long.
  • Special laser technology - Our patented laser system removes the broken glass without opening the housing. This leaves all internal components, such as the LCDscreen, protected from damage.
iPhone 12 Pro Max Rear Side Replacement
  • Various colour options - You can choose from different colours for the glass replacement: silver, gold, graphite or blue. This allows you to match the style of your iPhone.
  • 1-year warranty on material defects and work.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max back cover replacement process

Our professional repair process for replacing broken iPhone 12 Pro Max rear glass consists of several steps:

iPhone 12 Pro Max Rear Side Replacement

Damage assessment

First, our technicians assess the extent of damage to the back of your iPhone. This involves checking in particular:

  • How big and deep the cracks are
  • Whether shards are loose
  • Whether the damage extends beyond just the glass

Based on this assessment, we will determine whether the glass can be replaced using our special laser technology.

Laser technology for removal of broken glass

Using our patented laser system, we slowly 'evaporate' the broken glass layer by layer, without removing a single screw or opening the case. The advantage is that all internal components such as battery, camera and screen remain protected.

The laser beams very precisely and regulated, removing only the glass - and no damage to, for example, the camera lenses or the aluminium frame.

Installation of new glass

Once all the broken glass is completely removed, we install a brand new replacement rear glass in the chosen colour. Our stock system always offers excellent quality glass from renowned brands to choose from.

While installing the new iPhone 12 Pro Max rear glass, we apply extreme caution. The glass is pressed into the casing slowly and evenly to avoid air bubbles.

Testing and final inspection

As a final stage, we carry out various quality checks to ensure a perfect repair:

  • Testing all iPhone features
  • The newly installed glass is checked for air bubbles and imperfections
  • Watertightness is checked according to IP68 classification

Only when the iPhone 12 Pro Max functions like new again and no problems are found, will we release it for use. 

iPhone 12 Pro Max back cover replacement - Make an appointment

After reading this detailed information about our repair service, do you still have questions? Or would you like to schedule an appointment to replace the back cover of your iPhone 12 Pro Max right away? Then get in touch via:

Website:  www.fixnow.be
E-mail:  info@fixnow.be Phone:  +32 472 29 15 53

iPhone 12 Pro Max Rear Side Replacement
 Paola Andrea Gaviria
Paola Andrea Gaviria
@ PaolaAndreaGaviria
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This is the second time I have taken my mobile phone for glass repair, excellent service at a very affordable price. Through their website you make an appointment very easily, you wait for an hour and your phone is like new. Thank you 🤗
Koen A.
Koen A.
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Back of Iphone 13 Pro was completely cracked. The cracked glass on the back of the phone was professionally removed and replaced while I was waiting. Very happy with the result and cost of this repair.
Read More
Brought my IPhone 14 Pro Max in to FixNow today because the back was cracked. After an hour and half, I got my mobile back like new, the back looks exactly the same as before. The device is repaired by laser and therefore the price is very reasonable.

You can visit our website 24/7 schedule an appointment.

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