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Do you have damage to the back of your iPhone 13 and are looking for a professional repair service? Then you are at Fixnow to the right place. We offer a special service for replacing broken or damaged rear glass on the iPhone 13 series. We do this using an advanced laser technique that allows us to remove and replace the glass without opening the phone's casing.

The advantage of this is that all internal components remain untouched, making additional repairs such as replacing the LCDscreen are not necessary. Moreover, you can choose from several colour options for the new rear glass.


  • Repair time 1:30min
  • Online callender for appointment
  • We have waiting room
  • Parking in front of the door
  • All colours are in stock


Free Shipping
  • Repair time + shipping 2-4 days
  • FREE shipping and returns
  • Shipment insured up to 500€ possible to take extra insurance
  • Shipping from Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers

When iPhone 13 Rear Glass Replacement?

There are a number of symptoms that indicate it is time to have your iPhone 13's rear glass replaced:

  • Cracked or broken glass - Even if there is only a crack in the glass, replacement is recommended. Otherwise, the glass may break further and form sharp edges.

  • Glass shards in finger when touched - If you swipe your finger across the back and feel shards of glass, replacement is necessary. This can be dangerous and cause internal damage.

iPhone 13 back cover replacement
  • Exposed parts - If the damaged glass exposes components such as the battery or camera, the glass should be replaced to avoid water damage or short circuits.

  • Disturbing cracks and stains - We also recommend replacement in case of cosmetic damage such as stains, scratches or irritating cracks in the field of vision.

If you encounter any of these problems, we recommend getting your iPhone 13's rear glass replaced preventively for your safety and perfect appearance.

Why choose Us?

When in doubt between us and another repairer, what are the advantages of Fixnow as your iPhone repair specialist?

iPhone 13 back cover replacement
  • Experienced professionals - Our technicians have extensive experience in repairing iPhones and other Apple devices.
  • Fast repair time - Thanks to our specific process for rear glass replacement, the repair takes just 1.5 hours.
  • Quality parts - We always use high-quality original Apple glass.
  • Competitive prices - €160 is very reasonable for this specialised repair.
  • Good service guarantee - 1-year warranty on material defects and workmanship.
  • Certified repairer - Officially certified as an Apple service provider.

Our customers are always very satisfied with the end result and our service.

 Paola Andrea Gaviria
Paola Andrea Gaviria
@ PaolaAndreaGaviria
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This is the second time I have taken my mobile phone for glass repair, excellent service at a very affordable price. Through their website you make an appointment very easily, you wait for an hour and your phone is like new. Thank you 🤗
Koen A.
Koen A.
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Back of Iphone 13 Pro was completely cracked. The cracked glass on the back of the phone was professionally removed and replaced while I was waiting. Very happy with the result and cost of this repair.
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Brought my IPhone 14 Pro Max in to FixNow today because the back was cracked. After an hour and half, I got my mobile back like new, the back looks exactly the same as before. The device is repaired by laser and therefore the price is very reasonable.

Our repair method

We use a unique repair method to efficiently and safely replace the rear glass of your iPhone 13:


First, our experts assess the condition of your device:

  • Inspection of glass and housing damage
  • Testing touchscreen, camera and other functionalities
  • Assess whether internal components are exposed or defective

Using this step, we determine whether just replacing the glass is sufficient, or whether additional repairs are needed before we begin.

iPhone 13 back cover replacement

Laser technology

To actually remove the broken glass, we use advanced laser equipment:

  • Cutting the glass loose without opening the housing
  • This protects all internal components such as battery and camera
  • Precise laser prevents damage to surrounding components

Because we only remove the glass, the risk of additional repairs is minimal compared to conventional methods that do require opening the housing.


We then install a new glass plate at the back:

  • You have a choice of 3 colour options: space black, midnight and starlight
  • The glass is glued with special UV glue for firm adhesion
  • The new glass plate is certified and of high quality

So you get back not only a functional but also a beautiful-looking iPhone!

Final check

Finally, we conduct a series of tests to validate the repair:

  • All functionalities and buttons are tested
  • Checking water and dust resistance
  • Visual inspection for final quality check

You will receive your iPhone 13 back in like-new condition with our 1-year warranty against material and manufacturing defects from the repair.

We hope to see you soon welcome!

Our team is ready to make your iPhone 13 like new with our professional rear glass replacement service.

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