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Are you looking for an iPhone 13 Pro Max back cover replacement service? You have come to the right place. We offer a professional and economical repair service to replace cracked or broken back glass of your iPhone 13 Pro Max.


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When iPhone 13 Pro Max Rear Glass Replacement?

Below is an overview of the most common situations in which it is advisable to have the rear glass of your iPhone 13 Pro Max replaced:

  • Glass is cracked or broken When your iPhone's rear glass is cracked or broken, it is wise to have it replaced. This is because shards of glass can injure your fingers and in addition, cracked glass can allow dirt and moisture to enter your phone, leading to further damage.
iPhone 13 Pro Max Rear Side Replacement
  • Glass is loose or rattles If you notice that your phone's back glass is loose or rattles when you lift it, it is advisable to have the glass fixed or replaced in time. Otherwise, the glass could fall out completely, with all the consequences.
  • You want a different colour back glass One reason to replace the iPhone back glass is purely aesthetic in nature. Do you want a gold, silver, pink or blue back instead of the standard colour? Our experts can arrange this for you. This will give your phone a modern makeover in one fell swoop.

  • Extra protection after a fall Has your iPhone accidentally fallen and the back glass (or front screen glass) absorbed the impact? If so, your device has become extra vulnerable to further damage the next time it falls. In such a case, it makes sense to have both glasses replaced preventively.

As you can see, there are several situations imaginable where our iPhone 13 Pro Max back cover replacement service offers the best solution! 

Our qualified technicians use an advanced laser technology to remove and replace the back glass without opening your phone's casing. This protects the internal components and prevents additional damage that could lead to additional repairs, such as replacing the LCD screen.

iPhone 14 Pro Max back cover replacement

The benefits of our unique laser method are:

  • No disassembly required: We do not open the casing of your iPhone, so all internal parts remain protected
  • Quick repair: Removing the old glass and installing the new glass takes about 1.5 hours
  • No additional damage: Our laser technology is very precise and does not cause damage to other parts
  • Original functionality: After the repair, your iPhone will work like new again

Our repair service

Our streamlined process and specialised technicians guarantee you the best service and results when replacing your iPhone 13 Pro Max rear glass.


Everything starts with a thorough inspection of the current state of your iPhone's rear glass. We will check for cracks, fractures, loose shards and other damage. Our technician will inform you of the findings and advise you on the best options for repair.

Laser Technology

We use advanced laser equipment and techniques specially designed to remove and replace smartphone screens and glass. The laser can detach the broken glass of your iPhone 13 Pro Max in a very precise and controlled manner, without damaging the internal components.

This is a unique service that we are one of the few repair companies able to offer and it saves you the cost of a full replacement of the LCD screen, for example.


Once the old, broken back glass is removed with our laser technique, the technician will install a new piece of glass in precise fashion.

We offer glass in various colour options, so you can choose from:iPhone 13 Pro Max Rear Side Replacement

  • Original colour
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Blue

So you can go for a whole new look for your iPhone 13 Pro Max if you want!

Our technicians have years of experience in expertly installing replacement parts and ensure that the new glass is placed fully intact and safe. You won't notice the difference compared to a new iPhone from the factory.

Final check

Before returning your iPhone after the repair is complete, we carry out extensive quality checks to ensure that the back cover replacement has been carried out successfully. All functionalities, such as camera and sensors, are tested.

We check for:

  • Correct alignment and fixation of the glass
  • Face Id works
  • Camera lenses function properly
  • No visible air bubbles or dust
  • Charging and battery level indicator work

Of course, you will receive your phone back fully cleaned.

If everything is found to be in order, we will proudly return your like-new iPhone 13 Pro Max to you. We hope you enjoy your repaired phone!

Why choose us?

There may be other iPhone repair providers in your area, but we offer you the best value for money and service guarantee.

Some important reasons to choose Fixnow for your iPhone 13 Pro Max back cover replacement:

Experienced professionals: Our permanent staff of electronics repair experts has years of experience
Genuine Apple parts: We use only 100% genuine, high-quality Apple components for every repair. Your phone will stay like new!
No additional damage: Our advanced laser technology prevents unnecessary damage when replacing glass or other parts. Other providers have to take the phone completely apart, which can lead to additional defects.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Rear Side Replacement

Quick repair: Our efficient process and digital appointment system ensure that you get your turn within 60 minutes. We aim to complete the repair on the same day.
Service guarantee: We offer a 1-year service warranty but it does not cover mechanical damage or water damage.

 Paola Andrea Gaviria
Paola Andrea Gaviria
@ PaolaAndreaGaviria
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This is the second time I have taken my mobile phone for glass repair, excellent service at a very affordable price. Through their website you make an appointment very easily, you wait for an hour and your phone is like new. Thank you 🤗
Koen A.
Koen A.
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Back of Iphone 13 Pro was completely cracked. The cracked glass on the back of the phone was professionally removed and replaced while I was waiting. Very happy with the result and cost of this repair.
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Brought my IPhone 14 Pro Max in to FixNow today because the back was cracked. After an hour and half, I got my mobile back like new, the back looks exactly the same as before. The device is repaired by laser and therefore the price is very reasonable.

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