iPhone 15 Pro Max back cover replacement

Replacing the back cover of your iPhone 15 Pro Max is a common repair. Whether you accidentally dropped your phone and the glass is cracked, you want to upgrade to a different colour, or you want to prepare the back for a case, a professional back replacement is the best option.

Our iPhone repair specialists have years of experience replacing iPhone backs. We use only top-quality genuine Apple parts, so your phone will look like new again. We also offer a 1-year warranty on all our repairs.


  • Repair time 1:30min
  • Online callender for appointment
  • We have waiting room
  • Parking in front of the door
  • All colours are in stock


Free Shipping
  • Repair time + shipping 2-4 days
  • FREE shipping and returns
  • Shipment insured up to 500€ possible to take extra insurance
  • Shipping from Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers

Why replace the back of your iPhone 15 Pro Max?

There are a few key reasons to have the back of your iPhone 15 Pro Max replaced:

Damaged or cracked glass

If the glass on the back of your iPhone 15 Pro Max is cracked or damaged, such as from a fall on a hard surface, it is essential to have it replaced. Otherwise, you risk getting dirt and moisture into your phone, which could lead to further damage.

Our technicians will remove the damaged glass and replace it with a new original Apple glass panel. We will do this without opening your phone, minimising the chance of additional damage.

Upgrading to another colour

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is available in beautiful finishes such as space black, silver, gold and the new deep purple. If you change your mind about your original colour choice, we can easily switch to the colour of your choice during the glass replacement process.

This will save you the trouble and expense of buying a whole new phone. We have a large stock of original Apple glass panels in all colours.

Preparing for a case

Many people use a case or skin to protect and personalise their iPhone 15 Pro Max. Applying these can be difficult or even impossible if the back is already scratched or damaged.

By having the back of your iPhone replaced first, you ensure that the new glass surface is perfectly smooth. This way, your favourite case or skin can be applied perfectly and bubble-free.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Rear panel repair

Process of iPhone 15 Pro Max Rear Side Replacement

Step Description
Review Inspection of the phone to identify all damage, followed by professional removal of the damaged glass back plate, without opening the phone.
Replacement Installation of a new original Apple glass panel in the chosen colour, ensuring secure and correct fixing.
Final check Comprehensive post-repair check of the phone to ensure that all functionalities such as camera's, buttons, speakers, battery and charging work perfectly.

What's new about the iPhone 15 Pro Max design?

Before getting the back of your brand new iPhone 15 Pro Max replaced, it's useful to take a moment to go over the main design innovations:

Dynamic Island

The most noticeable change on the front is the "Dynamic Island". This is the pill-shaped cutout at the top of the screen, where the front camera and Face ID sensor are integrated.

It creatively fills the space around the cutout, for example to display notifications and activities. It looks very dynamic and modern.

Always-On display

One of the most requested features by iPhone users was finally an always-on display. The iPhone 15 Pro Max delivers with its bright and efficient ProMotion screen technology.

Information such as the time, widgets and your calendar always remain visible, without much impact on battery life. This always-on display is made possible by the new A16 Bionic chip.

Better camera's

As expected, Apple has also improved the iPhone 15 Pro Max's cameras. The main camera has a new 48MP sensor for even sharper and clearer photos. The selfie camera has also been upgraded to 12MP.

New photo features such as ProRes video on all lenses and an improved night mode provide an even more versatile camera experience.

Faster A16 chip

The brand new A16 Bionic chip provides a significant boost in performance. It is the fastest smartphone chip Apple has ever made.

GPU performance is a whopping 50 per cent faster, making heavy graphics apps and games run amazingly smoothly. The efficient 6-core CPU design also contributes to the iPhone 15 Pro Max's tremendous speed.

What colour options are available for the iPhone 15 Pro Max?

One of the benefits of our glass plate replacement service is that you can upgrade to a different colour immediately if you wish. These are the 4 colour options for iPhone 15 Pro Max glass:

Space Black

The iconic black colour remains available on the 15 Pro Max. The shiny glass surface looks extremely modern and luxurious. Especially when you combine the black look with a matching case.


This metallic colour is ideal if you like a light and more discreet look. The 15 Pro Max's titanium frame flows nicely into the silver glass panel for a streamlined look.


A timeless classic. The golden glass shines at you and gives your iPhone a particularly luxurious and elegant character. Gold matches fantastically with accessories in the same shade.

Deep Purple

Surprisingly, Apple introduced a completely new colour at the launch of the iPhone 15 Pro Max: a beautiful deep purple. The unique colour certainly stands out and is a real eye-catcher.

Colour Glass panel code
Space Black ABC123
Silver XYZ456
Gold RST789
Deep Purple DEF012

How long does the iPhone 15 Pro Max back cover replacement service take?

Our experienced iPhone technicians can professionally replace your iPhone 15 Pro Max's glass in about 1.5 hours. This is a realistic estimate based on the hundreds of glass plate replacements we have already successfully performed for customers.

The exact duration may vary a little depending on the specific damage and complexity of the repair. Sometimes minor adjustments need to be made during the process. We take this into account in our estimate.

So you can count on a smooth service averaging 1.5 hours when you have your iPhone 15 Pro Max back cover replaced with us. We strive to achieve this timing without compromising on quality.

What does it cost to have the back of an iPhone 15 Pro Max replaced?

The cost for having the rear glass panel of an iPhone 15 Pro Max professionally replaced is €180 including VAT.

This all-inclusive price includes:

  • Dismantling - safe removal of cracked glass
  • Installation of original Apple replacement glass
  • Final inspection and quality test
  • 1-year warranty on glass plate replacement

Additional costs:

  • €25 disassembly if you decide not to have a repair done anyway
  • Replacement of other parts (screen, battery, etc.) are to be paid separately

Possible discounts:

  • 10% discount for repair of both front and rear end
  • Free screen protector replacement with purchase

We accept various payment methods for the convenience of our customers:

  • Cash
  • Payconique

Our glass panel replacements for the iPhone 15 Pro Max are always performed using genuine, high-quality Apple parts. We offer a lifetime warranty on these replacement parts.

Feel free to call us if you have specific questions about pricing for your device. We always offer personalised service and transparent pricing information.

Frequently asked questions about iPhone 15 Pro Max back cover replacement

Will Face ID and TrueDepth camera continue to work after service?

Yes, because we do not open the phone, the Face ID sensor and selfie camera remain unaffected and fully operational. Replacing just the glass back panel will not affect the operation of these components.

What should I do before returning my iPhone for service?

Always back up the data on your device before bringing it in for service. Remove your SIM card and also take out your charger. Switch off Find My and take off your case if necessary. This way, we can get straight to work and you will definitely not lose any important data.

Can you also replace my screen glass during this service?

Sure! Often, both the front and back of an iPhone 15 Pro Max are damaged after a fall. We can then combine these repairs in one service to save time and money. We call that a 2-sided glass replacement.

Ask our iPhone experts about the possibilities if both your display and rear glass need replacing. We will be happy to help you!


Having the back of your iPhone 15 Pro Max replaced by our experienced professionals is the ideal solution if the glass is cracked or damaged. We deliver expert work with genuine Apple parts using a sophisticated procedure. So you get your iPhone back in like-new condition.

Moreover, you can upgrade to a different glass colour with us right away if you wish. All options such as space black, silver, gold and the beautiful new deep purple are among them.

Our all-in price for an iPhone 15 Pro Max glass replacement is just £180. We guarantee transparent communication and offer discounts of up to 15%.

Do you also want your precious iPhone like new again in a different colour? Then don't hesitate and book an appointment at our repair shop today! Our technicians are at your service.

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