iPhone 8
rear side replacement


Have you recently dropped your iPhone 8, causing the rear glass to crack or break? We offer a fast and inexpensive service to replace your iPhone 8's rear glass without opening the casing. Thanks to our advanced laser technology, we do not need to disassemble your phone to change the glass. As a result, all internal parts remain intact and functional.


  • Repair time 1:30min
  • Online callender for appointment
  • We have waiting room
  • Parking in front of the door
  • All colours are in stock


Free Shipping
  • Repair time + shipping 2-4 days
  • FREE shipping and returns
  • Shipment insured up to 500€ possible to take extra insurance
  • Shipping from Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers

At our service centre we have the latest equipment and highly experienced technicians to professionally replace your iPhone 8's rear glass without opening the case. Here's the process:

  • Precision laser: We use an advanced precision laser to carefully remove the broken glass from your iPhone's frame without damaging the internal components.

  • Installation Of New Glass: We then install a new glass panel in your chosen colour, which fits perfectly into the frame.

  • 1 Year Warranty: We give a 1-year full warranty on both materials and work, so you are assured of quality.

  • Fast Repair Time: As no disassembly is required, we can carry out the repair within 90 minutes with an appointment.

  • Affordable Price: The cost of iPhone 8 rear glass replacement is only €60.

 Paola Andrea Gaviria
Paola Andrea Gaviria
@ PaolaAndreaGaviria
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This is the second time I have taken my mobile phone for glass repair, excellent service at a very affordable price. Through their website you make an appointment very easily, you wait for an hour and your phone is like new. Thank you 🤗
Koen A.
Koen A.
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Back of Iphone 13 Pro was completely cracked. The cracked glass on the back of the phone was professionally removed and replaced while I was waiting. Very happy with the result and cost of this repair.
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Brought my IPhone 14 Pro Max in to FixNow today because the back was cracked. After an hour and half, I got my mobile back like new, the back looks exactly the same as before. The device is repaired by laser and therefore the price is very reasonable.

Do you have a cracked or broken rear glass on your iPhone 8 and want it repaired quickly and inexpensively? Then make today an appointment at our service centre:

Website:  www.fixnow.be
E-mail:  info@fixnow.be Phone:  +32 472 29 15 53

iPhone 8

So don't hesitate and get your broken glass repaired for your safety and appearance of your phone!

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