iPhone battery replacement

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Apple battery replacement

The quality of products made under the world-famous Apple brand is not questioned or claimed by anyone. And yet, it happens that the "Apple" devices need repair or replacement.

Despite the high quality of components used by Apple, battery replacement may become necessary over time, if the user does not follow the usage instructions or if the capacity decreases. Both low and high temperatures have a negative effect. For example, if the iPhone is in direct sunlight in summer or has been left out in the cold, the battery may lose capacity and last less long.

The quality of non-original chargers can also damage your iPhone's battery quite quickly. Therefore, one of the important rules is not to buy third-party battery chargers.

What are the signs that the battery needs to be replaced?

Apple iPhone battery uselessness can be expressed by a number of signs.

These may include the following:

  • The battery begins to discharge extremely quickly;
  • The device turns on only when charger is connected;
  • The unit switches off when the temperature is low;
  • The smartphone is slow when the charging rate is low;
  • When you make a call, the iPhone suddenly cuts out.

These problems may indicate the need to replace the battery, which has failed due to normal wear and tear, moisture entering the device or exposure to high (low) temperatures. In addition, the battery may need to be replaced in cases such as:

  • The iPhone's screen is bulging and there are spots on the screen (the problem is usually caused by a "blown" battery, which presses on the screen from inside and distorts it). In this case, the battery urgently needs to be replaced;
  • The battery percentage fluctuates continuously and the device spontaneously reboots;

iPhone battery replacement

How can I extend the battery life of my Apple iPhone?

Yes, you can extend your iPhone's battery life if you follow some simple rules:

Do not leave the iPhone for prolonged periods in temperatures below zero and above 35 degrees Celsius;

Avoid exposing your device to direct sunlight;


Do not discharge your mobile phone under 10%;

Close all applications not currently in use (to save battery life);

Use only original accessories that came with your iPhone - USB Lightning cable and power adapter.

Avoid using portable Power Banks and car chargers.


The lifespan of an iPhone is 600-900 full charge/discharge cycles, equivalent to about 12-16 months of use.

We use high-quality replacement parts for installation that are fully compatible with the original factory specifications.

Yes, but often replacing your iPhone's battery yourself leads to even more problems with the device's operation. Without professional skills and the necessary tools, it is better not to take a risk.

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