iPhone Screen Repair

iPhone screen repair price

The iPhone screen repair price depends on which screen repair iPhone needs to be performed and for which device. It may happen that you accidentally drop your beloved iPhone. Bummer, that you iPhone screen is broken. If the screen still works, but the glass is broken, then an iPhone glass replacement repartie will suffice, which is gifixt for just under 80 euros. lnden the entire screen needs to be replaced, because the iPhone screen no longer turns on or gives black spots and lines then the iPhone screen repair price is around 110 euros. You can also get a cheap iPhone battery replacement from us. How much does a screen repair cost? Look at the type of smartphone for that, where you will see the Apple screen repair prices. This also applies to battery replacement and the other fix your phone repairs at Fixnow Meise.

What are the cost difference for iPhone screen glass replacement?

Prices for just the glass replacement of a broken iPhone display vary by model. As an indication, we use the rates below:

iPhone modelGlass replacementNew displaySaving
iPhone X€100€139€39
iPhone 11 €100€140€40
iPhone 12 Pro€150€199€49
iPhone 13 Pro€220€480€260
iPhone 14 Pro Max€310€560€250

You can see that you save quite a bit of money compared to full display replacement. And so you keep the original Apple display with better quality.

Replacing your iPhone screen

Do you want to replace your Iphone screen? Because you have a broken screen or a cracked screen? At Fixnow, you are on average 40% cheaper than other iPhone screen replacement services. This is because we use a highly technical and skilled method of screen repair. At Fixnow, we replace the broken glass and remove scratches while preserving the original iPhone screen. We cut the original screen into three layers, so we perform an Apple screen repair, repair the broken glass and perform a touch screen repair. So we do not replace the entire module, but perform a targeted iPhone screen replacement repair. We carry out repairs for various models, from a iPhone 7 screen replacement to iPhone 11 screen replacement.

iPhone repair service

For your iPhone repair you can easily and quickly come to Fixnow in Meise. You do not have to travel to Antwerp for your iPhone repair or Ghent for your iPhone repair. You can always come to Fixnow for your iPhone repair. How? Very simple, you make an appointment via the chat, after which you can drop by Fixnow. Usually you can even wait for the iPhone repair, depending on what needs to be done. But you can also make the screen repair service by post use. How does screen repair by post work? Free of charge, you send your mobile phone to FixNow. Whether this is a iPhone 12 screen repair or a iPhone 7 screen replacement, you can come to us for all devices. As soon as the iPhone repair is complete, we send it back immediately by post. So that you can enjoy your trusted and renewed iPhone again within a few days.

When is display glass replacement possible?

However, replacing only the broken glass of the Iphone display is only possible if the original display still functions properly.

If the display itself is defective or damaged (such as pixels that no longer work, a black border around the screen or touch issues), then replacement of the entire part is required.

Our certified experts thoroughly inspect the display and advise whether glass replacement is possible, or whether a new display is essential after all. This will save you unnecessary costs.

iPhone screen repair

How does Iphone screen glass replacement work at Fixnow?

The repair takes place as follows:

  1. You send your broken Iphone to Fixnow or offer the phone in person at our repair workshop
  2. Our experts carefully disassemble your specific iPhone to gain access to the display and glass
  3. They carefully remove the cracked or broken glass and install a new glass panel
  4. The original LCD display is thus retained and reused
  5. After replacement, we extensively test all functionality of the repaired display:

    • Touchscreens
    • Autobrightness
    • True Tone functionality
    • Waterproof sealed housing
  6. After a successful test, we prepare the phone for shipment or collection

This ensures professional service and preserves the original display quality at a fraction of the cost.

Is reusing original display safe and reliable?

Because the original Apple display is preserved, the quality is guaranteed to be better than a new aftermarket one from any manufacturer. After all, your display has been able to last for years.

Moreover, our experts conduct extensive quality controls out after repair:

  • Screen surface on defects
  • Touchscreen functionality
  • Brightness and True Tone test

Our 2-year warranty therefore also covers any problems with the reused original display after the repair. Of course, free repair or replacement by our service team.

Face ID repair

Is the Face ID function no longer working on your IPhone device? FixNow can help you with that too. We carry out a Face ID repair off, so you can once again unlock your iPhone via facial recognition without worry. When Face ID stops working, there could be a number of things to blame. At FixNow, we can at least fix the problem. You can also check a number of issues yourself. You can read what these are in our tips on fixing Face ID. Should you have checked everything the Face ID is not working, be sure to contact FixNow. We will fix the Face ID which will allow you to unlock your phone easily again. And remember, you can always unlock your device with the access code.

Remove scratches phone

At FixNow, we also offer repairs for remove scratches phone. Nothing is more annoying than a scratch on your beautiful iPhone. A scratch makes it more difficult to read the screen, the touch screen may also not work properly and even worse the iPhone screen may crack. Therefore, have your phone screen polished at FixNow in good time. With scratch removal phone at FixNow, you will also keep your original screen. How is that possible? Very simple, we do not disassemble your iPhone, therefore you retain the original sealing and Apple warranty. For scratch removal iPhone screen, make an appointment. Have scratch iPhone or Apple Watch removed by specialist FixNow.

Most common iPhone repairs

Our iPhone repair service is ready to carry out the most complex Apple device repairs. The most popular services among our customers are:

We have the necessary parts for all popular iPhone models, so we can guarantee you a fast and high-quality repair.
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