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The release of the new iPhone 11 has been surrounded by rumours since the initial previews began. Users were expecting a new A13 processor, a dual camera, improved Face ID and battery life. The device has a 3110 mAh battery (iPhone XR 2942 mAh), which means you will forget about the charger for a day when using it actively.

The successor to the iPhone XR is happy with new hardware, but like any technology from Apple, it is prone to glitches. What problems await you today with the iPhone 11, we will tell you - FixNow team

iPhone 11

Screen glass replacement iPhone 11

It is a fact that the iPhone 11 is still immensely popular among many Apple fans. This is mainly due to the fact that it is simply a very good device. However, it is true that the iPhone 11 is prone to screen issues. If you suffer from a cracked screen, our team is able to ensure that your glass screen can be replaced. We make it possible to do this without fitting a new LCD display.


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iPhone 11 touchscreen replacement

Underneath the iPhone 11's glass is a sensor layer that can be damaged if broken severely. Lateral breaks of the screen are dangerous, exposing the protective glass layer. If the sensor does not start processing touches correctly after a fall, part of the screen is unresponsive or the sensor has lost its functionality completely, FixNow wizards can restore the iPhone 11 to full functionality by replacing the touchscreen. The repair procedure is completely identical to glass replacement, only when gluing the screen, glass with a sensor is used. The repair time usually takes 90-120 minutes. The cost of such a service is 40% more profitable than replacing the LCD unit.

Screen replacement for iPhone 11

Some people unfortunately cannot get on with just new glass on their iPhone 11. These are the people who also need to have a new LCD screen fitted. You can tell if this is necessary when you see black spots or streaks appearing on your own screen. We will then apply both a new LCD screen and a new glass. This will ensure that you can use your iPhone 11 to its full potential again.

Camera glass replacement

There are some people who suffer from a broken glass over the camera in addition to a normal broken screen. For this problem, it is also possible to contact us. This is because we can make sure that the glass over the camera is replaced. This ensures that you can take beautiful photos with your iPhone 11 as soon as possible. Who wouldn't want this? Contact us soon for more information!

Rear glass replaced

Should you have dropped your iPhone 11, it could just be that the back is also broken. We are here to help you get a new back glass screen. This new glass will ensure that you have a beautiful device again in no time. If you have other problems with your iPhone 11, you can always give our team a call. We will then see what we can do for you. Contact us today, via chat or over the phone for a appointment. You can also use your iPhone for free send to FixNow for repair.

scratch phone removal

Scratch Removal

Do you have a scratch on your mobile phone? Get scratch phone removal done by FixNow's experienced specialist.

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