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Screen Glass Replacement iPhone 12 Pro

Many people own the iPhone 12 Pro. Now, this device does have a fragile glass screen. If your glass screen is broken, we are able to help you with this. What makes us really unique is the fact that we are able to replace the glass screen without having to replace the LCD screen at the same time. This makes it possible to save a lot of money.

Screen Replacement iPhone 12 Pro

It is not inconceivable that your iPhone 12 Pro's glass has broken. However, it is also possible that your iPhone 12 Pro suffered more damage. In this case, the underlying display has also broken after you dropped it. Fortunately, we are able to replace your iPhone 12 Pro LCD screen. You can tell if your LCD screen needs replacement when you see black spots or vertical stripes on the screen. Of course, we will ensure that all features are fully usable such as Face ID on your iPhone 12 Pro.

Camera Glass Repair iPhone 12 Pro

If you have problems with the glass of your camera, we invite you to stop by with your phone anytime. This is because we are able to replace the camera glass so that you can use it to its full potential again. That way, you won't see any more scratches on your screen but you can be sure you can take the most beautiful photos.

Replace the rear

Although you don't really need the back of your iPhone 12 Pro, it is annoying when it is broken. This is why we can help you for this damage as well. Our team is able to provide the back of the phone with a new glass screen. Contact us today to find out more about the options we have to offer.

It goes without saying that you can also make an appointment at Fixnow Belgium for other problems. Be sure to contact us to find out more about the different screen repair services we offer. Make an appointment via the chat function or give us a call. Check out one of our blog how we iPhone screen repair perform repairs for the iPhone 12 Pro, among others.

Make an appointment with FixNow for mobile phone repair and enjoy your refurbished iPhone 12 Pro again in no time.


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Scratch Removal

Do you have a scratch on your mobile phone? Get scratch phone removal done by FixNow's experienced specialist.

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We use only original parts for our repairs.

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