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Screen Glass Replacement iPhone 12

It is not surprising that so many people are choosing the iPhone 12. After all, it is a beautiful device to look at. However, all that glass makes it very vulnerable. If you have dropped your iPhone 12, we can replace your glass screen. What is special about our company is that you are able to replace the glass without having to get a new LCD display as well. Because of this technique, we are able to let you save a lot of money. 

Make an appointment with FixNow for screen glass replacement iPhone 12. The repair takes only 1 hour and is therefore ready while you wait. You also have the option of sending the iPhone for repair free of charge. Please contact FixNow for more information.

iPhone 12 screen glass replacement with 12-month warranty on repair by FixNow.

Screen Replacement iPhone 12

In some cases, it is unfortunately not possible to replace just the glass. In this case, a new LCD display will also need to be installed. This is the case, for example, if you suffer from black spots or streaks on your screen. Our team will then set to work on a new LCD display in combination with a new screen. This way, you too can get your iPhone 12 back in optimal use.

Camera Glass Repair

If you are dealing with other glass problems, such as camera glass, it is also always possible to schedule a repair. We are able to replace the camera glass. This can be useful for those suffering from a cracked camera. With our careful way of working, you can be sure that you won't have to worry about losing the original camera functions.


Rear cover replacement iPhone 12

Lastly, we are here for those people who want their rear glass replaced on their iPhone 12. This can be useful for those people who have dropped their phone on the back. While it is often not required for the functioning of the phone, replacing a broken back glass does look a lot nicer right away. Be sure to contact us for more information on the options.

scratch phone removal

Scratch Removal

Do you have a scratch on your mobile phone? Get scratch phone removal done by FixNow's experienced specialist.

Frequently asked questions

Depending on the type of part, we provide 3 to 12 months warranty on replacement parts

We use only original parts for our repairs.

Yes, the site shows all prices taking into account the cost of the part and work.

You can find estimated dates in the price list. For more detailed information, please contact the department.

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