iPhone 14 Plus Repair

Oh no! An unfortunate fall and your iPhone 14 Plus screen has received an unwanted makeover. But don't panic, because Fixnow is here to help! We offer a unique service where we replace the broken glass without affecting the screen, provided the screen is still fully functional. And if your screen is really beyond repair? No worries, we can also replace the entire screen. So what are you waiting for? Let's fix it together!

Fixnow's screen-saving services

Broken glass but a functional screen? No problem!

At Fixnow, we understand that it can be an eyesore when your iPhone 14 Plus screen is cracked but still functional. Therefore, we offer a unique solution: only the broken glass is replaced without touching the functional screen. This will give your beloved iPhone 14 Plus a fresh look again without hurting your wallet too much.

Full screen replacement: for tougher jobs

Is your iPhone 14 Plus screen badly damaged and no longer working as it should? Then it's time for a full screen replacement. At Fixnow, we'll make sure your phone is like new again so you can get back to enjoying your iPhone 14 Plus to the fullest.

Repairing iPhone 14 Plus

Additional services at Fixnow: more than just screen repair

Besides repairing your iPhone 14 Plus screen, we at Fixnow also offer other services to ensure your phone stays in top condition.

Rear glass replacement: A flawless look from behind

The back glass of your iPhone 14 Plus can be just as vulnerable as the screen. If it rear glass damaged or cracked, we can also replace it for you. This will make your phone look like new again, both on the front and back.

Camera glass replaced: Sharp photos without problems

A damaged camera glass can affect the quality of your photos and cause blurred or fuzzy images. At Fixnow, we can replace the camera glass of your iPhone 14 Plus so you can once again take brilliant photos with a clear lens.

Battery replacement: Longer life for your iPhone

Is the battery of your iPhone 14 Plus not what it used to be? No worries, because at Fixnow we can also repair your replace battery. With a new battery, your phone will once again last longer and keep performing better. So you can enjoy your iPhone 14 Plus to the fullest again without worrying about a dead battery.

Make an appointment or ship for free? The choice is yours!

Scheduling an appointment: quick and easy

At Fixnow, you can easily make an appointment for your iPhone 14 Plus repair. Visit our appointments page here and choose the time that suits you best. This way, you are guaranteed a quick and professional repair without long waiting times.

Free shipping: for those who prefer to stay home

Don't live nearby or don't have time to come by? No worries! At Fixnow, we offer a free shipping service for your iPhone 14 Plus repair. Go to Free Shipping and follow the instructions to send your phone to us. Once we receive your phone, we will repair it and return it as soon as possible.


The duration of the repair depends on the nature of the damage. For a broken glass replacement, the process can usually be completed within an hour, while a full screen replacement may take slightly longer. We aim to fix your phone as soon as possible, so you can enjoy your iPhone 14 Plus again.

Costs vary depending on the type of repair your iPhone 14 Plus needs. A broken glass replacement is usually cheaper than a full screen replacement. For specific prices, it's best to contact Fixnow for a customised quote.

If your screen is still functional, in other words, if the touchscreen is still responsive and the display is clear, then probably only the glass is damaged. If the screen is no longer responsive or shows flickering, streaking or other problems, then a full screen replacement may be required.

Screen glass repair takes 40min if you make appointment and 3 days total time if you choose shipping. 

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