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iPhone 8 plus screen replacement so you have a functioning screen again. An Apple phone is a high-quality functional gadget with excellent workmanship and high performance. It is gaining popularity among fans of progressive Apple technology because of its excellent performance features. The device features a 5.8-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels, as well as a powerful 4-core processor.

Among the significant advantages of the iPhone 8 Plus model, we can confidently distinguish the following:

  • 4 GB RAM;
  • dual horizontal camera;
  • virtual start button with built-in Touch ID fingerprint;
  • The device's processor is based on Apple's A11 platform;
  • the resolution of the front camera is 7 MP, the main camera is 12 MP with their additional equipment with an LED flash.

iPhone 8 Plus is a smartphone that dazzles with its wide functionality and attractive design, but unfortunately, it is not immune to serious problems related to various reasons. Which is where an iPhone screen replacement comes in. 

The main reasons for the iPhone 8 Plus' failure:

  • the negative impact of moisture entering the device. This leads to disruption of the operation of key elements of the smartphone, including microcircuits and the battery;
  • the smartphone falls on a hard surface, causing cracks to appear on the display or shattering the screen;
  • the use of cheap chargers leading to the failure of the U2 microcircuit (charge controller).

Screen replacement quickly fixed

8 plus screen replacement

Screen replacement is quick at FixNow. In fact, in many cases it is possible to replace only the glass screen of your smartphone. However, iPhone 8 Plus screen replacement is not always possible. In some cases, it is necessary to fit a new LCD display as well. We see that this is particularly important for those people who see black streaks or smudges appearing on the screen when using it. This is because in this case, the LCD display is broken. Our team is able to replace both the LCD screen and the glass screen. In doing so, we always ensure that all original functions can be used as usual, when repairing iPhone 8 Plus screen replacement.

Glass replacement iPhone 8 Plus

Apple is still currently the most popular brand for smartphones. As a result, the iPhone 8 Plus is still bought very often. Although the glass of the iPhone 8 Plus looks beautiful, it is also quite fragile at the same time. If you have a cracked glass on your iPhone 8 Plus, we are ready to help you as best we can. Our company makes it possible to replace the glass screen without having to get a new LCD display right away. This makes it possible for all people to save a lot of money when carrying out the repair. Time to show you more about our capabilities!

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We are here for you if you are currently experiencing certain problems with your iPhone 8 Plus. By contacting our team, you can be sure that you will be able to get your phone back to its best condition as soon as possible. Be sure to contact us to learn more about the options we have to offer for iPhone 8 Plus screen replacement. Apart from screen issues, we can help with many more problems. By giving us a call, you'll get an immediate insight into what's possible. Before you know it, your Apple phone will be fully functional again.

Contact us today, via chat or by phone for a appointment. It's also possible to get your iPhone for free send to FixNow for repair.

Frequently asked questions

Depending on the type of part, we provide 3 to 12 months warranty on replacement parts

We use only original parts for our repairs.

Yes, the site shows all prices taking into account the cost of the part and work.

You can find estimated dates in the price list. For more detailed information, please contact the department.

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