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iPhone X

The first Apple smartphone with a 5.8-inch OLED display, revolutionary Face ID, wireless charging, improved splash protection and dual vertical cameras.

The flagship model, released for the 10th anniversary of Apple smartphones, is fundamentally different from its predecessors, not only in appearance, improvements have also affected the "padding" of the device.

IPhone X Specifications:

  • 3 gigabytes RAM;
  • A11 Bionic processor;
  • Apple M11 motion processor, including barometer, accelerometer, gyroscope and compass;
  • Front camera 7 Mp, rear camera 12 Mp;
  • TrueDepth camera with face recognition;
  • dimensions 144 × 71 × 7.7 mm;
  • weight 174 g.

Despite its revolutionary technologies, the high-end materials of the iPhone still inherited the problems inherent in the models of previous generations, associated in most cases with improper handling.

Replacing rear glass

If you are suffering from a broken screen yourself, it is really convenient to contact us. After all, we are ready to help you on your way as best we can. It is also additionally possible to have the glass at the replace the back of your iPhone X. By replacing this broken glass, you are able to get the old look of your iPhone X back completely.

Glass replacement iPhone X

The iPhone X is a super popular device for a reason. However, we do see many people getting cracked glass after a while if they drop it once. What many people don't know is that it is possible to replace the glass screen without having to get a new LCD display right away. We use this special technique to make it possible to save a lot of money on your iPhone X repair.

iPhone X screen replacement

So you can choose to have your glass screen replaced. Now, in some cases, there is severe damage to the underlying display. If this is the case, we can replace the underlying LCD display in combination with the glass screen. By doing this, your iPhone X will be like new again as soon as possible. You'll know this is necessary when it sees black spots or streaks on the screen. Our team works in such a way that all the old functions can be used as normal, for example Face ID.

Camera Glass Repair iPhone X

In some cases, the camera glass may be in need of replacement. For this problem, we are also ready to help you on your way. Our team is there for you to replace the camera glass anytime. This allows you to use your camera the old way and say goodbye to scratches and cracks on the screen.

Contact us today, via chat or by phone for a appointment. You can also use your iPhone for free send To FixNow.

scratch phone removal

Scratch Removal

Do you have a scratch on your mobile phone? Get scratch phone removal done by FixNow's experienced specialist.

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