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The iPhone XS Max is the 2018 model unveiled alongside the iPhone XS. OLED screen enlarged to 6.5 inches - the largest diagonal of Apple smartphones in 2018.


  • OLED screen, diagonal 6.5 inches;
  • A12 Bionic processor;
  • 4 GB RAM;
  • Li-ion battery, 3174 mAh;
  • main camera 12 megapixels, front 7 megapixels.

Durable glass, sturdy steel casing frame undoubtedly lift the device to a new aesthetic level. And the eight-core A12 Bionic processor opens up new possibilities for the most resource-intensive programmes, applications and games. With minimal power consumption, the device can now handle all tasks, any complexity and large loads several times faster.

And another feature of the new iPhone XS Max is the rear camera. Now you can take great photos and shoot amazing videos, no matter the ambient light and even in motion.

But even such an advanced device as the iPhone XS Max may need repairs and cannot be done without professional help. The iPhone XS Max will be repaired in the FixNow, in every branch of the network. The most popular services for replacing a screen, glass or repairing an iPhone after moisture intrusion are carried out on site and in the shortest possible time.

All iPhone models from 2017 onwards have a glass back that can be damaged if dropped. With iPhone XS Max glass replacement technology in FixNow you can safely return the unit to its original appearance. Each branch of the network is equipped with parts and consumables for urgent repairs and reducing waiting times.

Glass replacement for iPhone Xs Max

The iPhone screen is most prone to shattering when dropped or dropped on a hard surface. The replacing glass in iPhone XS Max takes place as quickly as possible and using high-quality consumables. The popularity of this service lies in its ability to save on repairs and on the display module not changing. The savings amount to 40% of the repair cost. FixNow employs engineers with more than 5 years of experience, making it possible to provide service with the highest quality.

iPhone Xs Max Screen Replacement

Possibly needed if the iPhone XS Max's screen stops displaying or black spots appear. To maintain the smartphone's full functionality, True Tone transfer programmers are accustomed to the new screen and density has been restored - moisture-resistant dimensions.

iphone xs screen replacement
scratch phone removal

Scratch Removal

Do you have a scratch on your mobile phone? Get scratch phone removal done by FixNow's experienced specialist.

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