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iPhone 7 Screen replacement glass

Get your iPhone7 screen glass replacement done by the expert at FixNow. Do you own an iPhone 7? Then you are certainly not the only one, as it is still a very popular model to opt for within Apple smartphones. Despite the fact that iPhone7 is a good phone, it is a fact that the glass screen is very fragile. Should you suffer from a cracked screen, our team is able to ensure that your glass screen can be replaced. We can do this without the need to replace the entire LCD screen right away. Contact us today, via chat or by phone for a appointment. You can also get your iPhone 7 for free send to FixNow for repair.

Full screen replacement iPhone 7

iphone7 screen replacement iPhone 7Plus

So it is possible to fit your iPhone 7 with a new glass if it is broken. This makes it possible to save a lot of money. Now, this does not apply to everyone. In fact, it is always possible that your phone is dealing with extensive damage are those who also need to have a new LCD screen fitted. You can tell if this is necessary when you see black spots or streaks appearing on your own screen. Our team is able to apply a new layer of glass as well as a new LCD screen. This will ensure that your iPhone7 will be as good as new. We ensure that the features you are used to from Apple will continue to work as usual on your new LCD display.

Battery replacement iPhone 7

iphone 7

Battery replacement iPhone 7 may be required when reaching 500-700 charging cycles. Portable chargers and car chargers significantly accelerate wear and tear. It is also undesirable to use charging power supplies rated higher than 1A. The reference is to use a complete unit and a USB cable. Nevertheless, if the iPhone7 battery starts losing its charge quickly, shuts down at low ambient temperatures or heats up significantly, it is time to contact Fixnow expert diagnostics and repair. I would also like to note that a rapid discharge is not always associated with a broken battery, but could be the cause of consumption caused by the U2 charge controller microswitching or a result of moisture ingress to the iPhone7.

Why Fixnow iPhone 7 repair

Fixnow is your reliable Apple repair service for iPhone 7 repair. By using the best parts for your Apple smartphone, tablet or Apple watch, we make sure your Apple screen looks as good as new again. Everything functions and the glass is crystal clear again. But that's not all, at Fixnow's Apple repair service we can guarantee the following:

  • Free diagnosis
  • 3 to 12 months warranty on replacement parts
  • 3 years' experience
  • iPhone Screen Repair within 1 hour
  • Retains original Apple display

Frequently asked questions

Depending on the type of part, we provide 3 to 12 months warranty on replacement parts

We use only original parts for our repairs.

Yes, the site shows all prices taking into account the cost of the part and work.

You can find estimated dates in the price list. For more detailed information, please contact the department.

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