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Apple announced the smartphone iPhone8 in autumn 2017, as expected the smartphone was considerably "pumped". The gadget has a one-piece glass back - there are no inserts, under the bonnet is the A11 Bionic processor, which is 25% more efficient than its predecessor. The iPhone 8's display is made using True Tone (IPS) technology. The new iPhone8 model will be presented in 4 colours: grey, gold, silver and red.

But design and innovations in hardware do not protect it from all kinds of failures. What is most often addressed for the iPhone8 to Fixnow::

  • broken display glass;
  • torn screen cable;
  • defective battery;
  • broken rear glass;

Which of these failures are typical of the iPhone 8, we will describe below.

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Screen Glass Replacement iPhone8


Broken glass on the iPhone 8 is traditionally the most common breakage, as with all previous models. The identical location of the screen connectors on the iPhone8's board may indicate the interchangeability of the screens of the seven and eight.

But the difference in the pin-out of one of the connectors, which is responsible for matrix backlighting and 3D Touch operation, makes these displays incompatible. There is also a difference in the frame of the display, a distinguishing feature of which are the characteristic brackets used for ease of mounting/dismounting the display. The glass of the iPhone8 itself was found to be similar to the younger model, making the price for the repairing the iPhone 7 and the eighth model is almost identical.

In Fixnow, glass is replaced by OCA film, which consists of pressed adhesive. Its properties guarantee a clear image and high sensitivity of the original screen when printed on it.

Battery replacement iPhone 8

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The iPhone 8 battery features fast-charge technology, which lets you charge the battery to 50% in just 30 minutes, while reducing the battery capacity by 7% compared to the previous model to 1821 mAh.

And when using analogue chargers (Powerbank and car chargers), the battery starts to deteriorate faster, resulting in reduced capacity of the iPhone8. We are always ready to help repair batteries and other components.

Competent iPhone 8 repair at Fixnow includes a staff of experienced engineers and the constant availability of genuine spare parts, comfortable waiting areas, an optimal price list for services parallel to transparent and open service. Glass replacement on an iPhone takes less than 2 hours and saves you more than 50% of display module repair cost.

The presence of a staff of masters in repairing parts makes it possible in a short time:

  • iPhone repair after water damage;
  • eliminate short circuits in the power supply circuit;
  • replace charge controllers U2, power supply (U7) if iPhone does not turn on or charge;
  • Replace touchscreen controllers if the sensor does not respond to touches or spontaneous triggers.

Entrusting your phone to us ensures the security of your data. Testing is done with our devices and SIM cards.

Screen replacement iPhone8

In cases where the LCD cable is torn or the matrix is damaged during a collision, it is necessary to replace the entire display module. This is more expensive - the entire front panel needs replacement. Therefore, much depends on the quality of the components.

In our service, we only work with those manufacturers who have proven their reputation and quality of components for iPhone 8. Therefore, we offer a warranty on our repairs of 2 to 6 months. If your budget is for more expensive repairs, always opt for the original display. You can completely feel the difference after replacing the iPhone8 display. Contact us today, via chat or over the phone for a appointment. You can also use your iPhone for free send To FixNow.

Frequently asked questions

Depending on the type of part, we provide 3 to 12 months warranty on replacement parts

We use only original parts for our repairs.

Yes, the site shows all prices taking into account the cost of the part and work.

You can find estimated dates in the price list. For more detailed information, please contact the department.

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