Exchanging and buying broken displays

Note PROMOTION! "We will replace your broken screen for a new one, at a small extra cost."

Do you have broken screens, displays of iPhones, Apple watches that still give a full picture but have a cracked touchscreen, digitiser or glass? Don't throw, them away or leave them at your standard repair shop but ask for them back, they are MONEY VALUE, we buy them!

Glass replacement iphone 11 pro
iPhone 73.00€1.00€
iPhone 7 Plus8.00€4.00€
iPhone 84.00€2.00€
iPhone 8 Plus9.00€5.00€
iPhone X28.00€14.00€
iPhone XS24.00€12.00€
iPhone XS Max50.00€25.00€
iPhone XR10.00€5.00€
iPhone 1112.00€6.00€
iPhone 11 Pro35.00€15.00€
iPhone 11 Pro Max75.00€45.00€
iPhone 1280.00€40.00€
iPhone 12 Mini70.00€35.00€
iPhone 12 Pro80.00€40.00€
iPhone 12 Pro Max100.00€50.00€
iPhone 13120.00€60.00€
iPhone 13 mini100.00€50.00€
iPhone 13 Pro120.00€60.00€
iPhone 13 Pro Max140.00€70.00€
iPad Pro 12.9 inch 2021100.00€50.00€
iPad Pro 11 inch 202120.00€ 
iPad Pro 12.9 inch (2015,2017,2018)15.00€ 
iPad Pro 11 inch 2020-201820.00€ 
iPad Pro 12.9 inch 2020-201830.00€ 
iPad Pro 10.5 inch10.00€ 
iPad Pro 10.2 inch10.00€ 
iPad Pro 9.710.00€ 
iPad Mini 660.00€ 
iPad Mini 410.00€ 
iPad Mini 5 (2019)10.00€ 
iPad Air 210.00€ 

Frequently asked questions

Depending on the type of part, we provide 3 to 12 months warranty on replacement parts

We use only original parts for our repairs.

Yes, the site shows all prices taking into account the cost of the part and work.

You can find estimated dates in the price list. For more detailed information, please contact the department.

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