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MacBook repair at Fixnow

Repair your MacBook because it has moisture or water damage, has been dropped or has a crack in the Apple screen? Have this repair professionally carried out by Fixnow, your reliable specialist for all Apple and Samsung repairs. From MacBook screen repair to battery replacement. Also when the keyboard no longer works properly, it might be time to have the MacBook thoroughly cleaned. For all these repairs you can come to Fixnow Belgium. 

MacBook repair

Apple products are very reliable, so you don't often need to visit a service centre for a MacBook repair. But sometimes you can't do without a MacBook repair. The causes of failure of this high-quality equipment can be mechanical damage, overheating and even moisture. And you should leave the MacBook repair repair to the experienced specialist of Fixnow service. We perform the MacBook repair not only quickly and efficiently, but also at a reasonable price.

Common problems

Below is a list of the most common defects requiring a MacBook repair. But unfortunately, this list does not include "sees" of all models, more details can be found directly on the specific model's page. 

MacBook owners are referred to the service centre because of the following failures:

MacBook screen replacement

Apple screens often break down due to careless use. Causes of MacBook screen replacement include falling on hard surfaces, shock and water damage. Display problems are caused by faulty elements responsible for the Apple Macbook screen.

Macbook screen repair is only possible using special equipment and tools. So that in Macbook repair, high quality is also guaranteed. And above all, with the experience of skilled professionals who perform very precise work at a Macbook restore repair. By contacting Fixnow, rather than doing it yourself and relying on non-professionals, you can expect a full Macbook screen repair. And reduce the risk of an even more serious breakdown. Get your Macbook repaired by the specialists at Fixnow today.

MacBook screen repair

Macbook repair from water damage: price and features of repair

Spilled liquid is one of the most common reasons to get a MacBook repair done. Water, juice, tea and even alcohol can get on the equipment. Liquid that gets in often causes serious damage to the laptop's components. So there is no need to dry your MacBook with a hair dryer or take it apart yourself in such a situation. The first thing a user should do is unplug the laptop and take the device to a specialist.

Taking MacBook to Fixnow on time can save a lot of money. Often, cleaning internal components can already solve the problem. Failure to do so often results in the computer breaking down completely. After that, a MacBook can only be repaired by microsoldering and even motherboard replacement. Whereby the cost of repairing a MacBook with water damage is substantial. Therefore, always have your Macbook ordered in time to prevent further damage. 

MacBook cleaning

Regular MacBook cleaning helps preserve your laptop. When using a laptop, dust and dirt get into the casing. This can cause the keyboard keys to stop working properly, the processor and other components to overheat and make the PC slower. The problem requires a MacBook repair like cleaning. Some of the reasons to contact us for MacBook repair are:

  • Lots of heat and noise during operation.
  • Hot air comes out of the vents;
  • Software delays and spontaneous shutdowns.

The cleaning interval for the Mac, the price of which varies depending on the model, is once a year. When working in areas with a lot of dust and pets, we recommend doing it twice a year. At the same time as cleaning, the condition of the thermal paste should be checked and replaced if necessary.

Macbook repair process

  1.  You personally deliver the device to Fixnow, make an appointment or Apply for shipping label;
  2. After your MacBook is received for repair, you will receive a document confirming our commitment;
  3. Upon completion of the diagnosis, our manager will call you and inform you of the reason for the breakdown and the cost of the repair;
  4. Payment will be made after the service has been provided and the laptop has been checked for operation;
  5.  After payment, you will receive an invoice with guarantee.

Frequently asked questions

Depending on the type of part, we provide 3 to 12 months warranty on replacement parts

We use only original quality parts for our repairs.

Yes, on our website, all prices are indicated taking into account the cost of the part and the deliverable work for the repair of your Apple device. 

The duration of the repair depends on what needs to be done. Almost all repairs we can do within 1 hour. You can find estimated dates in the price list. For more detailed information, please contact the repair department. 

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