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Have you ever dropped your iPhone and felt like your world stood still for a moment? At FixNow, we understand that your iPhone is more than just a device; it is an essential part of your daily life. Whether it's a cracked screen, a defective battery or other problems, our team of experts is ready to restore and repair your iPhone. Why choose Fixnow for your iPhone repair? We tell you why you should choose our iPhone repair service.

iPhone screen replacement:  save up to 40%

At Fixnow, we understand the value your iPhone holds for you. That's why we offer an advanced iPhone screen replacement service that stands out from traditional repairs. What's unique about our approach is that we don't do the entire screen replacement, but only the part that is cracked or damaged. This precision iPhone screen replacement work is possible thanks to special machines we use. This allows us to preserve the original LCD of your smartphone. This results in significant cost savings and preservation of the original screen quality. 

Our iPhone repair method is not only cost-efficient, but also contributes to the sustainability of your device. By replacing only the damaged part, we reduce the impact on the environment while returning your Apple phone to its original state. Choose Fixnow for your iPhone repair and benefit from our unique service that is up to 40% cheaper than traditional screen repairs, without compromising on quality and functionality. At Fixnow, we give your iPhone screen a new life at a better price.

iPhone battery replacement: fixed in 40 minutes

The battery is the heart of your iPhone. A slow or rapidly draining battery can be frustrating. Fixnow offers a professional and cost-effective service for iPhone battery replaced. Our expert technicians use certified, quality batteries to make your device as good as new again. We understand the importance of a reliable battery, which is why timely replacement is crucial. A failing battery can lead to problems such as rapid discharge, failure at low temperatures, and reduced performance at low charge rates.

Replacing your smartphone battery at Fixnow is not just an iPhone repair, it is an investment in the longevity and functionality of your device. With our iPhone battery replacement service, you can be confident that your device will retain the reliability and efficiency you are used to. Our transparent pricing policy and quick 40-minute service, make the process simple and convenient. Have you been experiencing signs of battery failure? Is your iPhone in need of a battery replacement? Choose Fixnow's expert service for your iPhone repair and enjoy a seamless and stress-free experience.

iPhone back cover replacement: stylish

At Fixnow, we have developed a unique and effective method for iPhone back glass replacement. The back of your iPhone is not only functional, but also contributes to the aesthetics of the device. With our advanced laser technology, we offer a safe and efficient way to replace the iPhone back cover without opening the case. This reduces the risk of damage to internal components and ensures a perfect fit with the original design. At iPhone back cover replacement, we ensure that your device looks like new again, with materials that perfectly match the original design. 

Whether replacing a cracked back or changing the colour, we offer a wide range of options to suit your needs. Dust and moisture are great enemies for a damaged smartphone. That is why it is important to address damage quickly and professionally through our iPhone repair service. 

Need to replace the back of your iPhone for a new look or because of damage? Then take contact on with Fixnow Meise for a professional and stylish solution.

iPhone no longer charges: fast recovery

Your iPhone stops charging, which is very annoying and can have several causes. At Fixnow, we offer a specialised service for this common issue. We use advanced diagnostic tools to quickly identify the cause of the problem. Whether it's a faulty charging port, a worn-out battery or a problem with internal connectors. Before we start the repair, we perform a comprehensive scan and discuss with you the findings and expected costs. After your approval, we will start the iPhone repair to get your device back to its optimal performance. Choose Fixnow for a reliable and transparent approach to your iPhone repair for charging problems.

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iPhone Face ID repair: safe and reliable

Face ID is an important feature for the security and convenience of your smartphone. At Fixnow, we understand the importance of this technology, which is why we offer a specialised iPhone Face ID repair service. Whether your Face ID responds inconsistently or stops working altogether, our experts are equipped to repair this crucial feature quickly and effectively. With our expertise in iPhone repair, we ensure that your device functions as it should again. With the security and convenience of a fully functioning Face ID. Make appointment online and trust Fixnow for a fast and professional iPhone Face ID repair.

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Why choose Fixnow?

At FixNow, we are not only experts in iPhone repair, but we also guarantee a service that stands out from the rest. Here are some reasons why you should choose FixNow for your iPhone repair: 

  • Free diagnosis: We understand the importance of accuracy. That is why we offer a free diagnosis before we start the repair. 
  • Parts warranty: You will receive 3 to 12 months warranty on all replacement parts, providing peace of mind.
  • Experience: With more than 5 years of experience in the industry, we are a name you can trust. 
  • Quick service: We aim to complete screen repair within 1 hour, so you are back on the road quickly. 
  • Original parts: If possible, we will retain your original Apple display For preserving authenticity. 

FAQ iPhone repair service

At Fixnow, we aim to perform iPhone screen repairs quickly, often within one hour, depending on the model and extent of the damage. 

iPhone battery replacement costs at Fixnow are competitive and transparent, with prices depending on the iPhone model and battery quality used. 

Yes, Fixnow offers specialised iPhone repair services that stop charging, including replacing charging ports and fixing internal problems.

Yes, Fixnow offers 3 to 12 months warranty on all iPhone repairs carried out, ensuring peace of mind and customer satisfaction.

Absolutely, Fixnow offers an expert iPhone back cover replacement service, with various colour options and the use of quality materials.

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