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Have you recently dropped your Samsung Galaxy A13, resulting in cracks or tears in the screen? Or is the touch screen no longer working properly? Then it's time to get your A13's screen repaired!

We offer professional Samsung A13 screen repairs at an affordable price. Unlike many other repair services, we do not need to replace the entire screen. Instead, we carefully remove the broken glass and place a new glass over your original AMOLED screen. This saves you a lot of money compared to a full screen replacement.

Our trained technicians use the latest tools and methods to repair your broken Samsung A13 screen without causing further damage. We use only original glass panels and seals to ensure a perfect seal and seamless visual integration.

  • Screen Glass Replacement (retaining original screen)
    Screen Glass Replacement (retaining original screen) 80€

    Screen still works fine single screen glass is cracked. In this case, we can replace single screen glass.

  • Full Screen Replace OEM (original)
    Full Screen Replace OEM (original) 120€

    Screen no longer turns on, there are black spots or lines on the screen. In this case, we are going to have to replace full screen.

When do you need a Samsung A13 screen repair?

There are a few different causes that could indicate that your Samsung A13 screen needs repair:

  • A cracked or broken screen: Do you ever drop your phone? If your A13 screen is cracked or broken, it's time to repair it. Even small cracks can grow into larger ones and the touch screen can be interrupted.

  • Black spots or vertical lines on the screen: This usually indicates damage to the LCD below the glass surface. Since the glass screen fraction alone is the simplest and cheapest to repair, you may consider getting a whole new screen.

Samsung A13 Screen Repair before,after
  • Touch screen not working properly: If your screen is intact but the touch function is faltering, the touch screen is probably no longer working properly. A screen repair can fix this problem.

Book online now an appointment for Samsung A13 screen repair if you notice any of these problems. Don't wait until it gets worse and you may need a full screen replacement!

Repair costs and time

Depending on the type of repair, the cost and time required differ:

RepairCostRequired Time
Screen Glass Replacement80 euros1 hour
Full LCD Screen Replacement120 euros30 minutes

There are a few key reasons why you are better off having your broken or damaged Samsung A13 screen repaired instead of replacing the entire screen:


A full screen replacement for the A13 costs an average of €150-200. But with our Samsung A13 glass repair you only need to replace the broken glass for only €80, saving you a lot of money!

Retain original screen

Contrary to what many repairmen would have you believe, you usually don't need to replace your entire AMOLED screen in case of glass damage. By repairing only the glass, you can keep that beautiful original display.

Faster service

Our repair specialists can repair your broken screen glass within one hour on average. A full screen replacement takes more than 2 hours on average.

So if your A13 screen is cracked or broken, definitely consider getting the glass repaired first via screen glass repair before considering a full screen replacement.

How our repair service works

This is what the process looks like for our Samsung A13 screen repair out:

  • Intake and diagnosis - When you bring in your device, our repair specialists will carry out a thorough inspection to determine damage and inform you of the repair process.
  • Dismantling - We then carefully dismantle the various parts of the phone to get to the screen, taking extreme care not to damage other components.
Samsung A13 Screen Repair
  • Heating - The broken screen is heated with a special separator machine. This helps loosen the glue that holds the screen glass in place.

  • Separation of glass - Once the screen is heated, a thin metal wire is used to detach the broken glass from the OLED display underneath. This is an extremely precise process.

  • Cleaning - The original display is thoroughly cleaned to remove any residual glue or glass fragments left behind during separation. This ensures that the new glass adheres well.

  • Installing new glass - We align the new tempered glass and place it on the screen. It must be cut and placed perfectly to size to avoid damage.

  • Laminating - The fresh screen glass is then laminated to the display with the right pressure and heat to firmly bond and seal it.

  • Debubbling - The final step is to eliminate any air bubbles that could form between the glass and the screen during lamination.

  • Testing - Once the repair is complete, the functionality, sensitivity and image quality of the screen is extensively tested.

And that's it! After less than an hour, your Samsung A13 will have a like-new display with shiny new screen glass, fully tested and with warranty.

kris bobbaers
kris bobbaers
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Keep appointments, correct price and excellent quality materials used.
Roger Rigaux
Roger Rigaux
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Ce matin réparation de samsung A50 écran cassé. Le service est exactement parfait. Ambiance feutrée, technicien super sympa et travail exécuté en une heure pour un prix juste. Résultat un appareil entièrement fonctionnel et rajeunit Merci beaucoup Roger La Louvière
Emilie Bekaert
Emilie Bekaert
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Fast and friendly service. After a fall, the camera and glass in front of my smartphone were damaged. Diagnosis was made by email and phone, the right pieces were ordered immediately. Two days later I could already come by for the repair. It didn't take long at all, and I had a nice chat while waiting. Highly recommended. Very satisfied 👍

Frequently asked questions about Samsung A13 Screen Repair

Yes, the touch function and touch sensitivity are always extensively tested as part of the quality control after the repair. We guarantee that your screen will be as responsive as before.

We use water-repellent seals that meet the official IP68 rating to ensure your A13 has the same level of water resistance after repair.

In the unlikely event of extensive damage to the internal screen components, such as the OLED matrix or digitiser drivers, the entire screen may need to be replaced. Our specialists will keep you informed and advise on the best solution.

Do you have any other questions or would you prefer to make an appointment over the phone? Our Samsung glass repair experts are at your service ready for you!

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