Samsung A14 Screen Repair


Is the display of your Samsung Galaxy A14 smartphone cracked or broken? Then it is important to get the screen repaired as soon as possible. At Fixnow, we perform professional Samsung A14 screen repairs at a very competitive price.

Our certified repair technicians will replace the broken screen glass or the entire display while you wait. We use original Samsung parts for a perfect repair. So you can get back to using your smartphone quickly.

We even offer the unique option of replacing only the broken glass while keeping the original AMOLED screen. This glass-only repair service is cheaper and you keep the original screen quality.

  • Screen Glass Replacement (retaining original screen)
    Screen Glass Replacement (retaining original screen) 80€

    Screen still works fine single screen glass is cracked. In this case, we can replace single screen glass.

  • Full Screen Replace OEM (original)
    Full Screen Replace OEM (original) 120€

    Screen no longer turns on, there are black spots or lines on the screen. In this case, we are going to have to replace full screen.

When do you need screen repair for your Samsung A14?

Your Samsung A14 screen can become damaged and need repair for a number of reasons:

  • Cracked or broken screen: A fall or bump can cause cracks or breaks in the screen glass. This can render the screen unusable.

  • Black spots on the screen: Black spots may indicate internal damage to the LCD. This usually expands.

  • White streaks on the screen: White lines or streaks often indicate damage to the digitiser. These are the sensitive parts in the screen that register touch.
Samsung A14 Screen Repair before,after
    • Touch screen no longer functions properly: If your touchscreen no longer accurately registers taps and swipes, this could indicate digitiser damage.
    • No more image on the screen: If the screen remains completely black or no longer shows an image, there may be a hardware malfunction on the inside of the device.

    If you experience any of these problems, screen repair or replacement is necessary to get your Samsung A14 working properly again.

Repair costs and time

Depending on the type of repair, the cost and time required differ:
RepairCostRequired Time
Screen Glass Replacement80 euros1 hour
Full LCD Screen Replacement120 euros30 minutes

Advantages of glass-only replacement:

  • Cheaper - €80
  • Quick service - ready within 1 hour
  • Retains original screen quality
  • Less chance of pixel errors

We work with high-quality original Samsung A14 screens. You won't have to be without your smartphone for long.

How does Samsung A14 screen repair work?

Our experienced technicians perform the screen repair for your Samsung A14 professionally and carefully:

Screen is loosened with separator machine

We use a separator machine with infrared heat to loosen the LCD display from the casing of your phone. This is done in a controlled manner to avoid damage.


Samsung A14 Screen Repair

Old glass panel carefully removed

Using a suction cup and slipper blade, we lift the old, broken glass and remove it from the screen. This is precision work to leave the display intact.

Display thoroughly cleaned

Before fitting the new glass, we carefully clean the LCD screen. This removes residual glue and glass particles.

Detachment screenWith separator machine, infrared heat5 min
Glass removalCarefully pull off old glass10 min
CleaningDisplay thoroughly polished5 min
New glassPrecise positioning and lamination25 min
TestingCheck screen functionality and quality5 min

New glass panel precisely fitted

We place the new glass panel back exactly on the screen, aligned with the edges. This should fit perfectly.

Glass laminated with laminator

Using a laminator, we apply new adhesive and apply pressure to bond the glass panel firmly to the LCD display, without bubbles.

Air bubbles removed

We check the entire screen surface and remove any remaining air bubbles between glass and display.

Function, sensitivity and quality tested

After the screen repair, we carry out extensive tests, including:

  • Touch test: screen must register taps and swipes accurately
  • Colour test: checking for pixel errors and colour reproduction
  • Screen test: check brightness, contrast and viewing angles

This way, we guarantee that your repaired Samsung A14 screen will work like new again!

kris bobbaers
kris bobbaers
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Keep appointments, correct price and excellent quality materials used.
Roger Rigaux
Roger Rigaux
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Ce matin réparation de samsung A50 écran cassé. Le service est exactement parfait. Ambiance feutrée, technicien super sympa et travail exécuté en une heure pour un prix juste. Résultat un appareil entièrement fonctionnel et rajeunit Merci beaucoup Roger La Louvière
Emilie Bekaert
Emilie Bekaert
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Fast and friendly service. After a fall, the camera and glass in front of my smartphone were damaged. Diagnosis was made by email and phone, the right pieces were ordered immediately. Two days later I could already come by for the repair. It didn't take long at all, and I had a nice chat while waiting. Highly recommended. Very satisfied 👍

Frequently asked questions about Samsung A14 Screen Repair

Yes, thanks to our unique glass-only repair service, we can replace broken glass only and leave the original AMOLED screen intact. We recommend this if the display still functions well. You will save costs and retain the original quality.

No, your phone will not be deleted. We are extremely careful and disassemble your device in a controlled manner that does not cause data loss. We do always recommend making a backup beforehand to be on the safe side.

Our experienced technicians complete the repair while you wait. For glass replacement, we are ready within 1 hour. With full screen replacement, we have 30 minutes needed. So you are mobile again as soon as possible. informed and advise on the best solution.

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