Samsung A32 Screen Replacement

  • Screen Glass Replacement
    Screen Glass Replacement 100€

    Screen A32 still works well single screen glass is cracked. In this case, we can replace single screen glass.

  • Full Screen Replace OEM (original)
    Full Screen Replace OEM (original) 120€

    Screen no longer turns on, there are black spots or lines on the screen. In this case, we will replace the entire screen of your Samsung A32.

Screen Recover Samsung A32

At FixNow, you get two options for Samsung A32 repair:

  1. Single damaged screen glass replacement
  2. Full display module replacement

What is the difference between these two options ?

In single glass repair, your device should have no lines or black spots, touch should also be completely fine. This screen repair is tremendously difficult and not many servicers can do this, 95% of servicers only do option two full screen module replacement. We have special machines and dust-free room for this repair. What are your benefits ?

  • You retain original display
  • You save a lot of money on repairs
  • Warranty 1 year

If your screen of Samsung A32 has black spots, lines or touch no longer works, then unfortunately we are going to plaster completely new screen.


samsung A52 A42 A32

Samsung screen repair A32

At Fixnow, a Samsung screen repair is cheap. If the screen replacement is sufficient, the Samsung screen replacement price is much cheaper than if a full display module is replaced.

At Fixnow, we dissect the module, which consists of a glass screen, touch screen and screen Samsung. This technique is very difficult, which is why other providers only replace the entire module. While in many cases this is unnecessary. Therefore, at Fixnow, a Samsung screen repair is cheap. You are about 40% cheaper with us for Samsung screen repair.

A32 Samsung screen replacement at FixNow

At Fixnow, you can cheaply replace your A32 Samsung screen. Of course, the manufacturer uses top quality parts for their devices. As a result, the smartphone has a long lifespan. But mechanical damage can always cause problems, so we have to replace the Samsung screen. Common problems are therefore:

  • Screen glass cracked
  • Lines on the screen
  • Touch screen displey not working properly
  • Black spots on new Samsung screen
  • Rear cover cracked

At FixNow, we are happy to help you with all the aforementioned problems. Because we have a large stock of parts, we can replace your A32 Samsung screen on the same day

Samsung screen replacement

We perform your Galaxay or A32 screen replacement Samsung extremely expertly and precisely. You can bring your phone to us by appointment or by post send. Samsung repair costs are at Fixnow lowest in Belgium and also the Netherlands. Replacing a Samsung screen is not easy, but on our method it is possible to have your Samsung screen fixed at a competitive price.

Chat with Fixnow about your options for a screen or glass repair. We are Samsung repair Belgium specialist that is cheaper than other screen repair services. And the best thing about Samsung repair glass replacement is that you keep the original display.

Samsung repartition needed? Then is the solution.

Broken screen? Choose Fixnow

Do you have a broken screen or glass? Then contact Fixnow immediately. This is because we are a reliable Samsung repair service. We use only the best parts for your smartphone, smartwatch or Samsung ipad Apple.

We take care of an expert screen repair, restoring your device to as good as new. As a result, enjoy your favourite smarphone for a long time to come. In addition to our high service and quality of services, we provide the following:

  • Free diagnosis
  • 1-year warranty on replacement parts
  • Samsung screen repair within 1 hour
  • Retain original Samsung screen during glass replacement
  • Own technical service
  • Free shipping with mobile device shipping

Find out more about us and our Samsung screen repair service through our blog site. It is filled with interesting videos and information on all smart devices. You can come to us for cracked screen repair, battery repair and screen mobile phone repair. For a Samsung or Apple screen repair, Fixnow is the place to be.

Review Samsung A32

There is a 6.5-inch HD+ Infinity-V+ display on the Samsung A32, allowing you to watch movies on it. Thanks to Dolby Atmos Sound, movies really come to life, making it feel like the sound is coming from all sides. The A32 has 4 cameras, giving it even better photography. A normal 48-megapixel camera, one for panoramic shots, one for close-ups and the fourth for adding depth to your images. Taking selfies or making video calls with the front-facing 13-megapixel camera is also a possibility, of course.

With 128GB of built-in storage and support for microSD cards up to 1TB, you will never run out of space with the Galaxy A32. The A32's 5000mAh battery provides enough energy to get you through the day. If the battery runs out, the gadget can be recharged within minutes thanks to the device's fast charging capabilities. Additional features include a 'Secure Folder' where you can encrypt information, and 'Dual Messenger', which allows you to install two WhatsApp accounts on the same device. This makes it easier to keep your business and personal life separate.

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