Samsung A50 screen repair

Urgent Repair of Samsung A50 (A505)

Samsung A50 is quite popular mobile phone, nice design and good price attracts many people. But this device is not protected against mechanical damage.

Most common problem with Samsung A50 is cracked screen. If screen glass is cracked at A50 but display still works perfectly and has no defects like line on screen or black spot, we can replace only glass of Samsung mobile phone.

Samsung A50 Repair

Samsung A50 screen replacement

Is your phone screen broken? No problem, at Fixnove you can quickly replace your Samsung A50 screen. A broken screen or a malfunctioning touch screen A50 is not nice. Moreover, a cracked screen is not good either , as moisture, dirt and dust can get in.

Therefore, always have a piece of screen repaired. For this, you want the best service and the cheapest price. Samsung A50 screen replacement price is the cheapest at Fixnow. This is because we do not replace the entire module right away. If only the glass needs to be replaced, you will be about 40% cheaper for Samsung A50 screen replacement.

We carry out a screen restore repair using a high-tech method. Nine out of ten other Samsung repair services cannot do this, leaving you paying a high price for a Samsung screen replacement.

Screen repair

We carry out a screen repair in our technical room. Where we dissect the screen, as it consists of three layers. The top screen, glass, and touchscreen. We repair each layer, if necessary, replacing the glass.

We then glue everything back together (with special glue), just like they do at the Samsung factory. This also allows you to keep the original Samsung screen.Most repairers replace the entire Samsung screen module, as they cannot perform this expert work. 

We are therefore unique in Belgium with Samsung screen repair for glass replacement. Make an appointment via chat today to replace your A50 screen. Within 1 to 2 hours, we will have your broken screen fixed again.

New screen A50 options

A new screen A50 repair consists of two different methods. The first is where we repair the broken glass. The second way is to replace the entire screen display. We perform the latter option for a new screen A50 only if your old screen has black spots or lines on it. Or when the touch no longer works properly. It is then not possible to replace only the glass.

What is the advantage a Samsung repartition where only the glass is replaced?

  • You will be cheap with this Samsung repair.
  • Retention of original screen
  • 6-month warranty on Samsung repair carried out

When to do screen repair?

We carry out a screen repair if you have any of the problems listed below. You then make an appointment with Fixnow so that you can quickly enjoy your Samsung Galaxy A50 again.

  • Screen glass cracked
  • Line on screen Samsung Galaxy A50
  • Black spot on screen
  • Touch no longer works properly
  • Rear cover cracked

Of course, you don't want to miss your smartphone for a long time for a screen repair. You don't have to, because we will repair your device within 1 or 2 hours. At Fixnow Samsung screen repair is quickly fixed.

A50 Samsung to be repaired

Want to get your Samsung repaired? You can do so at Samsung repair Fixnow in Meisse (Grimbergen). We are your trusted repairer for both Samsung devices and Apple screen repairs. Think of scratch removal Apple Watch screen and iPhone screen repair. And of course not forgetting a iPad screen repair.

We are based in Belgium, but also serve the Dutch market. This is because we believe everyone should enjoy our high-quality screen repairs at an affordable price.

We therefore offer a postal dispatch service for our customers. How does this work? Quite simply, you send your device to us free of charge by insured mail. Once the parcel is received by us, we will carry out the screen repair the same day and send return it to you by insured mail.

Want to know more about getting Samsung repaired? Then feel free to contact us. We will be happy to explain who we are and how we work. Or make an appointment directly via chat.  

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