Samsung A30 Restore

  • Screen Glass Replacement
    Screen Glass Replacement 80€

    Screen A30 still works well single screen glass is cracked. In this case, we can replace single screen glass.

  • Full Screen Replace OEM (original)
    Full Screen Replace OEM (original) 120€

    Screen no longer turns on, there are black spots or lines on the screen. In this case, we will replace the entire screen of your Samsung A30.

Screen Recover Samsung A30

Screen of the Samsung Galaxy A30 smartphone covers almost the entire front surface. The screen diagonal is 6.4 inches with a resolution of 2×40 x 1080 pixels. Super AMOLED matrix ensures comfortable working with the gadget in all conditions. But if you notice that the image periodically disappears or the sensor does not work, contact the Fixnow

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Why is the Samsung Galaxy A30's screen not working?

As a result of a fall, external damage occurs in the form of cracks and scratches that interfere with reading information. Moreover, as a result of a fall, the screen cable may fail. Paying attention to black spots, streaks, touch function, the smartphone should be handed over to the service for diagnostics and further maintenance.

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