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The Samsung Galaxy A33 is a popular smartphone thanks to its powerful specifications at an affordable price. 

Samsung A33 FixNow

Unfortunately, the screen of this phone can sometimes be damaged by a fall, bump or other mishaps.

At Fixnow, we offer professional screen repair for the Samsung A33, so you can get back to using your favourite phone quickly. We have developed a unique service that allows us to replace broken screen glass while preserving your original display by changing only the glass.

This will save you a lot of money compared to a full screen replacement.

Moreover, our screen repair is fast, accurate and carried out by our experienced technicians using professional equipment. In this guide, we explain when you might need screen repair, detail our unique glass replacement process and answer all your other questions about Samsung A33 screen repair.

Price for repair

  • Screen Glass Replacement (retaining original screen)
    Screen Glass Replacement (retaining original screen) 80€

    Screen still works fine single screen glass is cracked. In this case, we can replace single screen glass.

  • Full Screen Replace OEM (original)
    Full Screen Replace OEM (original) 120€

    Screen no longer turns on, there are black spots or lines on the screen. In this case, we are going to have to replace full screen.

Benefits of Professional Samsung A33 Screen Repair

There are many benefits of our professional screen repair service:

  • Cheaper than full replacement - You save up to 50% on costs
  • Fast repair time - Between 30-45 minutes
  • Retain original screen - No loss of quality
  • Quality guarantee - We guarantee our repairs

You keep your trusted phone and save a lot of money with our unique glass replacement technology. Our experienced technicians also provide fast, reliable service with a guarantee.

Frank Gowie
Frank Gowie
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Extraordinary service. Broken glass on my Samsung mobile phone yesterday, searched the internet, found Fixnow, booked an appointment online via their website for today at 1pm. Punctual treatment by an extremely friendly Pavel. You get to wait on site in a comfortable seat while the repair takes place. It was supposed to take an hour but due to an unexpected setback it took a little longer. Despite this, I had to pay the agreed amount, which is clearly and transparently stated on the website per device. Only the glass was replaced, the display underneath was still intact. A daring feat to separate the glass from the display, expert work! Few do it after him because usually glass is replaced together with display which is a lot more expensive and a lot quicker and easier. Pavel does not make it easy for himself and only replaces what is necessary. My display was not damaged. Just write Fixnow in your address book should the glass ever break and you are considering a repair. By the way, he lives easily accessible in Meise with always non-paying parking in front of the door or nearby. Highly recommended, absolutely. Frank from Aalst.
Roger Rigaux
Roger Rigaux
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Ce matin réparation de samsung A50 écran cassé. Le service est exactement parfait. Ambiance feutrée, technicien super sympa et travail exécuté en une heure pour un prix juste. Résultat un appareil entièrement fonctionnel et rajeunit Merci beaucoup Roger La Louvière
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Un service rapide de qualité à un prix très compétitif ! Je suis ravie. Je craignais une réparation longue et de me retrouver sans mon outil de travail. Chez FixNow, mon écran a été remplacé en 40 min ! J'ai été très bien accueilli malgré mon retard. Merci pour votre aide précieuse et rapide. Julie, Ixelles.

How We Professionally Repair Your Samsung A33 Screen

Our trained technicians perform screen repairs in 6 steps:

1. Preparation

First, your Samsung A33 is professionally disassembled to get to the screen. We thoroughly test the screen to make sure it still functions properly and is original. This is important because our unique glass replacement is only possible on an original working screen.

2. Removing glass

We gently heat the glue that holds the broken glass in place with a special machine. This causes the glue to soften and release. Next, the cracked glass is gently soaked off with a thin metal instrument. This is a delicate procedure that requires a lot of precision to avoid damage to the screen.

3. Screen Cleaning

Once the broken glass is removed, we thoroughly clean the screen with special tools to remove any residual glue, dust or glass fragments. The surface must be spotless before the new glass can be fitted.

4. Placing new glass

Our trained staff then aligns a new piece of glass to the screen and installs it with extreme precision. The glass must be perfectly aligned with the screen underneath and should not affect its functionality.

"Our technicians go through extensive training and carry out hundreds of screen repairs per month. You can rely on their expertise."

5. Lamination of glass

The new glass is then laminated to your screen using a special machine. This applies just the right amount of heat and pressure to hold the glass firmly in place without damaging the screen.

6. Testing

After the repair, we thoroughly test your Samsung A33 to check that all functions, touchscreen sensitivity and image quality are OK. We guarantee that your phone will work like new after the repair.

With our years of experience and specialised equipment, we can repair even the most complex Samsung screens. Contact us for more information or make an appointment at our repair workshop right away.

Samsung A33 Screen Repair FixNow

When do you need screen repair?

You may need screen repair of your Samsung Galaxy A33 in the following cases:  

  • Cracked or broken glass: Even a small crack can render the entire screen unusable. Our glass replacement restores your screen to like-new.

  • Black spots on the screen: This usually indicates internal damage to the LCD. We can solve this by replacing only the glass.

  • Touchscreen does not function properly: If your touchscreen stops responding properly to touches, a glass replacement can solve this.

  • Other screen problems: Stains, streaks, discolouration - if your display is showing problems, glass replacement is often the best solution.

If you are in doubt whether your Samsung A33 screen repair is needed, bring it by one of our branches and our technicians will inspect your device for free.

Mobile phone repair Belgium and Netherlands

Fixnow Grimbergen performs mobile phone repair Belgium and the Netherlands. You can get a appointment making you stop by Fixnow Grimbergen. To allow more customers to benefit from our highly technical working method and low Samsung prices, we also offer a per post send option. Insured by Bpost and you will receive your repaired smartphone, smart watch or Samsung tablet within 2 to 3 working days.

Of course, you can also come to us for iPhone screen repair. And not just for a iPhone screen repair, but for all Apple screen replacement repairs. If you have a cracked Apple Watch, make an appointment for Apple Watch screen repair.

At Fixnow mobile phone repair Belgium and the Netherlands, we therefore offer various services. Such as screen repair, battery replacement and screen scratch removal. Want to know more? Simply contact us via the chat.

Faulty Samsung? We'll fix it for you!

Frequently asked questions about Samsung A33 Screen Repair

No, the phone must be switched off throughout the repair procedure to avoid damage. But don't worry: our experienced technicians work quickly and efficiently, so the repair takes just 30-45 minutes.

Yes you can with screen glass damage and working display. With too much LCD/digiziter damage, the entire part must be replaced. Our experts will assess the damage and inform you of the options.

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