Phone scratch removal

How to remove scratches from phone?

Do you have a scratch on your mobile phone? Get scratch phone removal done by FixNow's experienced specialist. Nothing is more annoying than a scratch on your beautiful mobile. You can no longer read the screen properly. Phone scratch removal is cheap, and it will give you a beautiful screen, as good as new. Moreover, you keep your original Apple screen and the accompanying warranty!

Get scratches on Apple Watch removed by FixNow.

Remove scratches phone

Retention of original screen

scratch phone removal

For scratch removal phone, our professional uses special high-tech equipment. As a result, you do not need to replace the screen. With scratch removal mobile at FixNow, you also keep your original screen. How is that possible? Quite simply, we do not disassemble your Apple Watch, therefore you retain the original seal and Apple warranty.

Polishing an Apple Watch screen is done using special high-tech equipment. Want to repair your Apple Watch glass at low cost? Let FixNow help you. We are specialists in Apple Watch repair Belgium. Our customers give our service a high rating for good reason. Repair glass of your Apple devices is taken care of by FixNow. Apple repairs completed within 2 hours.

How to remove scratches Apple Watch?

For scratch phone removal, we polish your Apple screen using a special technique. You can also come to us for deep scratch removal.

Process scratches phone removal goes through several stages. This applies to an Apple Watch screen.

  1. Preliminary diagnosis
    Our expert evaluates the depth of scratches and the general condition of your Apple screen.
  2. Preparing for polishing
    The Apple Watch is made from a special mould and placed in an advanced polishing machine. The screen of your device is then polished.
  3. Evaluation display:
    The state of display is evaluated, with the wizard ensuring that the screen has reached the optimal display.
  4. Scratches disappear
    The final stage involves polishing the screen. The screen has its original condition restored and looks like new again. In addition, a special oleophobic coating is applied to the display. This protects the Apple screen from traces of grease and water drops.

Screen polishing: removing scratches without taking the device apart!

Price Apple Watch scratch removal

What is the price of Apple Watch scratch removal? Polishing an Apple Watch screen is the lowest on the market. We dare to guarantee this because:

  1. FixNow is the only professional to offer this highly technical service in Belgium or the Netherlands.
  2. We strive to provide high-quality Apple repairs at very affordable prices in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Why polish phone screen?

U phone screen polishing is important for the condition of your smart watch. Apple Watch screen scratch removal is equivalent to screen glass replacement. Our service helps restore the external condition of your smart device. Moreover, you will be able to read everything clearly again.

If you have a cracked screen, you can also come to FixNow. A faulty Apple screen can cause a lot of damage. This is because moisture and dirt can get into your watch, which is obviously bad for the mechanism.

Replace the broken glass and remove scratches while retaining the original screen, and also receive a 12-month warranty on Apple repair screen? This is only possible at FixNow Meise. We perform Apple Watch repartition screen at low cost!

Besides scratch removal phone, we also carry out other mobile phone repairs. Be sure to contact us to learn more about the various screen repair services we offer. Make an appointment via the chat function or give us a call. Check out one of our blog how we iPhone screen repair perform repairs for the iPhone 13 Pro Max among

How do I order remove scratches Apple Watch screen?

Ordering polishing service can be done in the following ways, where we remove scratches from the screen of the Apple Watch:

  1. Make a appointment via the website and bring your appliance to FixNow Meise.
  2. Contact us via Live Chat.
  3. Call +32472291553 and make an appointment.
  4. Remote polishing service: take advantage of our free Free Shipping option by post. In this case, FixNow pays for postal dispatch both ways (repair amount above 100€).

Why choose Fixnow?

FixNow is your reliable Apple repair service. By using the best parts for your Apple smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch, we make sure your Apple screen looks like new again. But that's not all, at FixNow's Apple repair service we can guarantee the following:

  • Free diagnosis
  • 12-month warranty on replacement parts
  • 3 years' experience
  • Screen repair within 1 hour
  • Retain original Apple display and warranty
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