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How does screen repair service send by post work?

Our screen repair service by post works very simply. Completely free of charge, you send your mobile device to FixNow by post. The insured shipping works as follows:

  1. You complete the online submission form.
  2. You take a photo of the device with the defective screen, which you attach to the online form.
  3. After we receive the form with attachment, FixNow will send you a free shipping label.


  1. You package the device and stick the shipping label on the parcel and take it to the post office for shipment (insured by Bpost).
send device
send fix


  1. As soon as we receive the parcel, we will send you a confirmation.
  2. The same day we carry out the screen repair.
  3. Once the screen repair is complete, you will receive a message from us with a photo of the repaired screen and the invoice.


  1. You pay the invoice to Fixnow.
  2. We will send your repaired device back immediately by post.

Do you have any questions about our screen repair service by post? If so, feel free to contact us. You can do this easily and quickly via the chat function.



FIXNOW shall be liable for loss and theft of the product, its accessories, as well as for damage caused to them from the time of receipt until the time of return. Returns will always be sent with insurance unless the client has indicated otherwise and confirmed this by e-mail to FIXNOW .
Transport damage must always be reported within 24 hours of receipt and the damage must be proven by means of photos so that we can pass it on to the transport company as soon as possible.
- Compensation for shipping is up to €500.
- Damage compensation for registered insured shipping is € 250 to € 7,500 (depending on value/rate)
- Only material damage will be compensated in the form of an identical or equivalent device.

By appointment or by post

All you need to do for screen repair of your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Samsung device is to contact Fixnow. Make an appointment with us via the chat function and drop by.

Are we not in your area? No problem, you can send us your mobile device for free. Free shipping applies to customers in both Belgium and the Netherlands. You don't even have to leave the door to have your broken or cracked glass repaired by FixNow. Yes, only to drop off the package to the delivery service.

Whether it is Apple screen repair or Samsung screen replacement, we fix it for you right away.

Screen repair of mobile device

Need a screen repair for your Apple or Samsung device? You can come to Fixnow Belgium for a screen repair. Whether it is a scratch that we polish in a special way, a repair of the mobile phone glass or a glass replacement of your mobile device. We repair the screen in a very professional way, saving you a lot of money. And what's more, you will receive your mobile device back as good as new. Make an appointment today and take advantage of our postal dispatch option. For customers from Belgium and the Netherlands. 

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we provide a 1-year repair guarantee. This guarantee does not cover water damage or mechanical damage.

No, you can send your mobile phone, iPad or Apple Watch to us free of charge. We will provide a free shipping label for you.

Yes, Fixnow provides a detailed diagnosis. We fix the repair and make sure you have a perfectly working Apple Watch 7 again

Yes, if you suffer from black spots on the Apple screen or see vertical streaks, then the underlying LCD display has suffered damage. Through Fixnow, you can have the display repaired on your iPad or other device so that you can have crystal clear images again.

Yes, we also carry out screen repair Samsung. The most common problem with Samsung devices is a cracked screen. If the glass is cracked, but the display still works fine, we can only replace the glass on the Samsung mobile phone. This will save you money. Cheap glass replacement.

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